Bersih 2.0 more pics- behind the police lines

Pics by resident.wangsamaju
'We'll hold the line here.". Right at the frontline,  Pudu Raya.

FRU getting ready to march in. Opposite Menara Maybank.
I have no zoom lenses and this pic was taken pretty up close.

Water cannon truck, 5 minutes before blasting to disperse the crowd.

Witnessed an arrest at Menara Maybank.

Afternoon prayers, at Menara Maybank. A bust is actually taking place in the building behind. 2 activists were arrested.

I was tear-gassed the first round. After recovering the Bersih frontline had retreated 2 km back. I 'went back in' and found myself in between Bersih and FRU. These are the pics I snapped behind the FRU lines.

Delirious after being tear-gassed and took a pic of the  pavement instead.

FRU all lined up, lock and loaded.

A second before the tear-gas grenades went off.

Stand-off, 500 meters from Pudu Raya. Seconds away from tear-gas fire.
Blam! Blam!! My mobile phone shuddered as FRU pounded the Bersih  frontline with teargas.

An FRU officer retreating from the front  line to regroup.
Tear gas affects everyone- the PDRM, activists and by-standers.

After 15 minutes, a regrouped FRU marches through the rain into the frontline again.

Regrouped and heading to the frontline, at Pudu Raya.

I managed to crash-in on this negotiation going on here. 
Dr Sivarasa Rasiah (PKR) and Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham (DAP) (face partly hidden).

By this time, the activists' frontline was already pushed back about 3 km away. The guys are waiting further orders.

Look at the tough plastic cuffs.

The afternoon rain pelts incessantly on Jalan Pudu.


  1. God is was a sunny afternoon that turn to a downpour right after the tear gas and chemical water.
    Earlier for two consecutive weeks the sermon prepared by the Ulamak Jahat has nothing good to say about this peace gathering of the rakyat.

  2. The Ulamak Jahat goes by the name JOKIM. On the UMNO payroll, of course! Politics is a fancy coach for clever folks drawn by the beastly power of primitive superstition.

  3. Was marching in Adelaide. Would love to join u all when opportunity knocks.

  4. Look at how the idiotic FRU pointed the tear gas guns directly at the people instead of up into the air. (picture 9 from the top). They are meant to shoot and hurt the people.