Bersih 2.0: Stadium Merdeka it is!

Short guide for political rallies in a dictatorship environment:
  1. Don't bring kids.
  2. A bottle of drinking water if possible.
  3. Don't bring parangs, knives, molotov coctails, nungchaks, tasers, firecrackers or any other weapons.
  4. Bring any recording device(s)
  5. Travel light and use public transportation.
  6. Bring a surgical facemask and pack some salt for you know what I mean. Wearing running shoes if possible.
  7. If you wanna go but don't want to go alone contact your nearest Opposition office for guidance.
  8. Know who to contact if arrested.
  9. If afraid, remind yourself that you are walking in the name of freedom and you are born on the 9th of July.
  10. If you are an employee, tell your boss that there's a slight chance you might not turn up for work on Monday. If you are the 'boss' handover your duties to your second-in-charge that say there's a remote chance you might not return to work at all. Tell the people around you to be strong and say that the buck stops here.


  1. - Demonstrasi Khilafah 2.0 berjaya bukan Bersih 2.0

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