BERSIH v2.0 Collection

A day which many of us would want to claim victory. But a victory or defeat lies not in today's battle. Its a start of a journey, ardous nonetheless that we may tread in the coming days and years as we work towards rebuilding our beloved country. I am most certain the newspapers tomorrow will splash news of the authorities successfully repelling the "illegal rally". Numbing numbers would be bandied about, just to prove to the public that the "illegal rally" has not got the support of the rakyat. Well, before I sign off for the day and handing the reigns back to Resident Wangsa Maju and Lee Wee Tak, I offer to all readers a collection of pictures I gathered from around. You be the judge as to the numbers and success of the rally here in Kuala Lumpur. Please do google for BERSIH @ NYC, BERSIH @Melbourne, BERSIH @ Ireland, BERSIH @ Japan etc... Okay.. okay.. lets get back to the BERSIH @ KL. We have pictures that will tell you a story of a thousand words...

Scenes from Puduraya... resembles Tahrir Square? Eerily.. look on...

Let not the newspapers tell us that the rally only attracted a crowd of 3,000
Some of BERSIH's big guns?

The High Noon...

Malaysians! All Malaysians!

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  1. An IT professional told me he came alone because his friends were too chicken; a lady with 2 kids came after her hubby gave her his blessings; a young lass with no political affiliation studied how to combat tear gas and came with her group of friends....just a few casual observations

    Lee Wee Tak