BERSIH 2.0 Live: The story of 9th July 2011 as it unfolds

Pics & pics caption by resident.wangsamaju

First 15 minutes from Jalan Pudu.

Crowd marching into Jalan Bukit Bintang from Jalan Pudu.

Bersih! Bersih! Crowd coming in from Jalan Pudu.

Front line. The Jalan Pudu activists marching towards Pudu Raya.

About 2pm. Pudu Raya. Crowd swells to critical proportions.

First water canon blast disperses crowd in front of Menara Maybank.

About 3pm. Cornered at the back of Menara Maybank.

Jalan Pudu. An FRU officer dons his mask for the next stand-off.

Jalan Pudu. A regrouped FRU facing the Bersih line 3 km away.
Jalan Pudu wet from the afternoon shower and water canon.

SB officer with gas mask at Jalan Pudu.

UPDATES: (From Malaysiakini)
3.15pm: Pudu - Police have agreed to give safe passage to the thousands of protesters assembled at Pudu up till Jalan Sultan on condition that they only use half of the road and march peacefully.The accord was met after Pakatan parliamentarians R Sivarasa and Ngeh Khoo Ham negotiated with the police, who also decided to allow the crowd to chant as they march.

resident.wangsamaju: I see this as a victory to BERSIH v2.0. The police has come to some sort of senses to allow such march after all the arrest and threats much earlier. Question is, why can't the authorities see reason much earlier? All these could have been avoided and the people would have had their time to voice their concern as accorded for in the constitution and the police would not be put in such a tight spot of playing the bad cop role while all these while allowing Najib to play the good cop's role. And since the rally has not yielded any unruly incidence, I guess, the police and government's fears were largely unfounded and call upon the authorities to release all those arrested in connection with BERSIH v2.0 rally without further delay.

LATEST!!! 4.05pm
"Latest report that comes in... there is some form of standoff near Tung Shin Hospital with the FRU on one side and Bersih on the other and the police are going into the hospital arresting people".... says, Resident Wangsa Maju who is on hand to participate and observe the rally.

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  1. great work guys...I am proud of all you. there are malaysias who come out and make a stand against threats to their safety and there is one who chose to fly off somewhere...

    now we know who are the ones with real substance and who is merely form only

    lee wee tak