Long Bersih Story Short

I am one of those people who chose to stay a night in KL to avoid troubles to access the town on the 9th. During my sleep, I received a message that the police were cracking down hotels for leaders and supporters. I did not sleep in peace.

The next morning was good, McDonald breakfast, we saw many apparent Bersih supporters as well as the Nga/Ngeh duo. Around 11, we moved to Starbucks and I spent my time reading the federal constitution. Especially on Article 5, 9 and 10.

Around 12:30, huge crowd walked on Jalan Pudu to Jalan Sultan, we thus joined them, and chanted.

People were singing the national anthem while marching.

Yes, that's Teja (Chang Lih Kang) and co., who they were arrested for distributing flags in the market with Bersih t-shirt a week ago.

We couldn't get into Jalan Hang Jebat, as expected, so, walked backward to Menara Maybank at Jalan Tun Perak. Traffic police helped the cars and moving crowds to stay in order.

While standing, people also reminded each other to keep track clear for passing cars.

It's about 13:30, if I ain't wrong, it was Kuala Kuai (Hatta Ramli), he gave speech, kept our mood high, and crowds were keeping minimum silence to listen, while reminding each other, and gave strong response when necessary.

PJ Utara (Tony Pua) arrived. Cheras (Chan Kok Wai) was with the other leaders too.

Then, 13:39, FRU peed on us, no warning (or clear warning?), and we were just assembling peacefully.

They shot tear gas to us too. We ran, and my body couldn't really take it, dizzy eyes, badly vomiting yellow foam.

Chaotic. Went down to Puduraya bus stop.

I had two full bottles of water and we used up one here, sharing among our gang and a stranger. I also met three medical young guys too, their face looked sore and I offered them water, but nicely rejected.

Some people were spreading water to rid the irritation.

Got back to Jalan Pudu. FRU managed to move forward.

We walked towards Jalan Hang Tuah. Rain started falling.

But, once again attacked by water cannon and tear gas from the back, moved near to Tung Shin area. Saw Puchong (Gobind Singh).

And Taiping, again.

They didn't give up, immediately after I shot this (that's not me in the picture), the FRU launched water cannon.

We climbed up the hill with two narrow exits to Tung Shin hospital. It wasn't easy, people were really panic.

Rain stopped.

Then, FRU, possibly taking advantage of the rain stop, shot tear gas into the hospital compound, forced us to entered the building instead. I heard that the people had to argue with the security to have themselves safe. Nevertheless, thanks Tung Shin. Shamefully addressed, IGP denied this act.

I exchanged more words with Taiping.

Around 15:15, it seemed better outside, so we moved back to Jalan Pudu. FRU ain't shooting but standing by.


Then, Beruas (Ngeh) and co. negotiated with the police. Police were with the crowd, but started arrest suddenly, retreated then launched water cannon again.

We ran, and we walked back to Jalan Sultan, peacefully, but at the same time seeing many arrests going on.

It's about 16:00 now.

We sat down at Jalan Hang Lekir for some quick meal, then we heard some chanting and response from the police, which according to the news was another round of tear gas.

The crowds were dispersing and so were we. Walked to Pasar Seni station to realize that it was closed. Walked on Jalan Tun Sambanthan to see a biker arrested unlawfully. He was just trying to move to a place.

Police then told us that to avoid being arrested, we had to take Jalan Sultan Sulaiman then Jalan Damansara to KL Sentral. We took the route, but continued on to Jalan Travers to Bangsar. I managed to reach home safe on the LRT, back to Wangsa Maju.

Besides of the awful tear gas, I felt great peace and unity with the crowds I was with. But the police spoiled the party.

Lastly, here's a twist of a famous line in the Gettysburg address: "Government of the people, by the people, not for the people, shall perish from this earth."


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I heard some of them who had experienced tear gas getting into their eyes before said that taking salt into your mouth helps. Just a tips. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing...

  3. I am humbled and honoured to have walked the same street as you, comrade

    - Lee Wee Tak

  4. We could have battled them side by side at Tung Shin

  5. proud for u been attended the Bersih2.0..

  6. I think we overuse the word comrade- Home Ministry will say we are communists.