Recollection of a historical event

I am departing from my usual way of blogging. I am writing purely base on emotion and opinion; not my normal boring research-base style.

This is a recollection from being part of a historical event in Malaysia's history.

Despite utterance of threats, lock down and everything else thrown at Malaysians, tens of thousands made it to the streets, and god knows how many more, if Putrajaya administration modelled itself like a mature democracy practiced in Britain and Australia.

What does a 50 year old administration has to be afraid of when defective electoral processes are exposed? Why the over-reacting gestures when tax payers and voters want to hand a petition to the King?

I thought the King has given an honourable way out for the Prime Minister when his majesty appealled for peace and sensibility; and the PM himself mentioned that a rally could be held in a stadium.

Yet this honourable settlement was screwed up horribly when subsequent gestures of bad faith - such as rejection of permit & stadium usage applications, continuing arrest of Malaysians, road blocks etc were imposed. Is this not against the advice, wisdom and wishes of his majesty?

When the PM announced that he will leave the police to handle this matter fully, I feel that he has created a political problem butsummonned a non-politically party to resolve it. (ok, whether the "non-political" part is viewed with raised eye brow, everyone have their own opinion). Why mess up your TV set and ask a tailor to salvage it?

At this critical juncture, I read that the PM has gone overseas. What could be more important than resolving this issue that many rakyat (who are supposed to be "diutamakan") are concerned about?

(correction: I read a flash report in facebook that the PM has gone overseas but Sunday's Sin Chew Jit Poh reported that the PM was in Terengganu hence the above statements stands to be corrected)

I saw with my own eyes, people with all races came together for a common cause. I did not see the Chinese threaten Malay bullshit highlighted on a daily basis by controlled media. I only saw a Malay guy helping a chinese lady being knocked down when tear gas was fired at unarmed civilians; and a chinese guy giving out salt to a malay guy affected by tear gas. An IT professional told me that he came alone because he can't find any of his friends who are brave enough.

I chatted with common folks, who told me that they were never too bothered with political developments but the reports from the controlled media during the past week have made them felt imperative to come forward - a mother with 2 child was encouraged by her husband to come forward and another man came with his wife in tow.

I also chatted with some Australian tourists, who told me they could not understand why the FUCK the police here can't just cordone off the streets for an hour to let the walk be conducted, like how it's being done in Australia.

Yes, we do close off the streets for bicycle races, marathons and national day parades. We allow 100,000 spectators to watch a football match in Bukit Jalil Stadium butPDRM reported that only about 6,000 protestors turned up. A separate report mentioned that 1,667 protestors were being detained. This make up a huge percentage of attrition but the figures do not really add up.

But from where I was looking out, there were many many more brave Malaysians than 6,000. The pictures are all over the internet and surely the spokesperson must feel responsible to project a creditable image to the force?

This is indeed a moving day in Malaysia. It would also be interesting to see Putrajaya's response because I remember reading a statement from the Prime Minister that the date of GE would not be affected by the March of the rightheous.

And my heartfelt thanks to Resident and Joe for putting up the great posts today.


  1. This picture is so viral. The lady is a hero.
    Najib should have seize the opportunity- announce a PDRM stand down and be a hero for this. But I'm surprised he never did this- left the country and delegated the 'job' to the PDRM.

    What a bad political move Najib.

  2. the pix sum up the whole situation

    enough said

    - Lee Wee Tak