Bersih 2.0: Police Brutality

In this video of mine, a guy was subdued when he shouted '...Terrorist!!..' at the the PDRM when they were trying to arrest the Jalan Pudu Bersih leaders. If you listen properly there are what it appears to be baton whacking sounds when the PDRM apprehended the by-stander. There were about more than 10 PDRM holding this person down.

The above montage was not captured by me but it is worth sharing. Notice at minute 9:30 of the video how subdued activist Shuhardi Mohd fainted still in cuffs. The PDRM just stared at him without attempting to uncuff or provide medical attention.

Dr Sivarasa Rasiah (PKR) and Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham (DAP)  came out of the stand-off point to negotiate but were arrested instead (pic below).

Press comments from Najib, PM of Malaysia, summarized:

  1. There was no serious harm to people and property.
  2. The Government is always opened to discussion on fair  and clean elections.
  3. If there are other issues, the rally organisers can always discuss with the Election Commission and the Government.
  4. Cops acted professionally during the rallies.
  5. “We can always make decisions and issue instructions (from anywhere) but if it requires my presence, I can hop on the plane and be back in a jiffy.”, on his overseas trip on 9th July.
  6. "Let this be a lesson to the people.", overall comment on Bersih 2.0.
  7. "I did not offer Merdeka Stadium to them. They can do it in stadiums located in opposition-ruled states. Merdeka Stadium is a national symbol."
  8. “They wanted to show the world that the Government does not respect human rights and there is no democracy in Malaysia."
  9. “The Malays must stand with all races and work with one another so we can turn Malaysia into a developed nation.” 


  1. I just want to comment on the police brutality, happened to one of my truck mate. She is just a passer by when the drama unfolded in front of her eyes. 4 policeman beating 1 young boy whom been handcuff and was laying on his stomach on the ground. The 4 policeman press his head hard on the ground, and some continuously beating him. This lady friend of mine passed by but she couldn't stop herself from making a u-turn and talked them out. She said to the policeman, "just arrest him but stop beat him, can't you see that you just hand cuff this chap already? does the beating need to carry until this boy lost his life?", the next thing she know she was arrested as well and hand cuff and drag to where all the others captive asked to sit down. She started screaming and shouting saying is it wrong for her to safe this teenagers that been beaten by 4 policeman to the ground while he is in his helpless condition? And aren't the authorities supposed to protect people? Yet, the authorities is taking the chance to use all their fighting skills on some helpless citizen....Malu lah sikit to negara2 maju yg lain....