1WangsaMaju for Malaysia for Dr Jeyakumar

This is really 1WangsaMaju (not like some who mention 1Country but practice double or triple standards) as I write in my personal capacity, which I am sure, resonates with many in Wangsa Maju as well all over Malaysia.

Free Dr Jeyakumar and the other PSM members!

I do not see any reason to detain him. The wishy washy sorry excuse that they are resurrecting commie struggle is illogical.

To prove this would be more difficult and embarrassing than the US's futile effort to locate Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Communism in this age, has no takers, unless you are North Korean or China but then again the latter is more capitalist then a true blue capitalist these days.

Slandering and labelling without logic is of no use these days. If a person can't even lie properly, what hope does he or she, as well as people depending or affecting by him, have?

And especially after we welcome the biggest commie on the planet with a disgracefully wrong banner in their language some many Malaysians are very good at.

(For those who are unaware, during the visit of China's president Wu Jing Tao, the welcoming banner carried horrendous grammatical error, quite clear that incompetent employees typed in Bahasa Malaysia or English into google translator which for all its prowess, only translate and do not cater to correct grammar)

Take a look at this embarrassment below:


Nazri: Detention under EO justified

“This is a security issue which needs police actions. If the police feel security is threatened, then it’s up to them to take action under other present laws or the EO. It's not wrong for them to do so.

"It’s their (police) choice because at the end of the day, if anything happens, the police will be responsible for the security of the country,” said Nazri after the launch of 'Towards Green and Efficient Courthouse' today.

They were also held for supposedly being in possession of subversive documents and a few T-shirts with the faces of communist leaders on them.

After they were released, they were re-arrested under the EO on July 2.


Nazri stressed that communism was still a threat to national security, adding "the Emergency may have expired, but the communism ideology is still around. It doesn’t mean that even though there is no armed struggle … That we have accepted communism."

He explained that communism was in fact very much alive, “as seen by what is worn by some of the PSM members,” referring to the possession of T-shirts.


When the comedian of a minister pointed out that the issue is a police issue, it seems to me that it is just like the screw up way of handling Bersih - politicians created a political problem and when too difficult to handle, pass it over to the police.

A political solution is needed, just like when the King spoke and for a moment, an honourable political solution for both side was apparent, only for someone to promptly slammed the door shut and probably caught his own toe in the process.

I do not see a sense of political courage, will, justice, morality and shrewdness in this passing game.

How many gun carrying policemen feel "threaten" by Dr Jeyakumar? A kind doctor who has helped the weak and the poor, while the powerful feast and merry in their riches?

Dr Jeyakumar did not choose to utilise his expertise in accumulating personal wealth but sacrifice his time and put himself at great inconvenience as well as risk to aid and speak up for the poor.

I could not imagine what was going through his mind when he stood up again Samy Vellu...and his fairytale win, is a heart warming but under-rated and under celebrated victory.

According to the joke of a ministerial statement, wearing a shirt with communism figure or message is a clear signal that a person is indoctrinated with the ideology, strong enough to resort to illegal, violent and public threatening means to further his / her belief.


If Nazri himself wears a coat, a tie and a shirt when he goes round, does that make him an ang mo / kwai lo / orang British?

Nazri has to give Malaysians more credit for believing this nonsense of a sad excuse. I, for one, do not want a single sen of my tax money to spend on oppression which is a panic reaction of a failed administration.

I urge every fair minded Malaysians to ask the BN administration to do the right thing now...release the PSM 6.

Ibrahim Ali, since you missed the 9th July show despite repeatedly announcing your zeal to be part of it (while Auntie Ooi let her aging feet did the talking), you are more than welcome to join us in urging for the release of the PSM 6.


  1. Well said sir! Dr Jeyakumar gave his life in service of the poor and oppressed. How in the world is he a threat?

  2. He is a threat... Coz he speaks the truth.