Telco dishes in TBR take 2; and a tribute to Mr. Mah Teck Cheong

This is a follow up on the telco dish in Taman Bunga Raya which I blogged about here:

I got a call last night from Mr. L that DBKL has commenced dismantling all the dishes. When I checked, 1 was down and a sole worker was working on another. It was a joint effort this one. The late Mr. Mah Teck Cheong put up a fantastic piece of research cum protest paper work; Mr. L continued the fight by bringing it onto YB Wee Choo Keong; Mrs. L who proactively wrote to several governing authorities to keep the heat on and also our Member of Parliament who wrote at least twice to DBKL on this matter.

This is a snapshot of work in progress as of noon, 21 May 2009.

Now, the residents and pets in TBR can sleep easy. :-)

My hearts goes to the late Mr. Mah Teck Cheong, a lawyer who had his practice in TBR. I read with my own eyes the fantastic paper work he had compiled; from research done on dangers on electromagnet exposure in United Kindgom, to relevant local and foreign press cuttings, to the relevant sections of by-laws on township planning and construction, to great many appeal letters written to the very top of political and administrative hierarchy that went unheeded. Mr. Mah fought for years and died fighting.

I wanted to know more about Mr. Mah and Mrs. L, who is running one of the businesses in that role of shophouses, told me a few things about him, “he was a hardworking man that worked until late hours. He was helpful, kind and jovial. Whenever we had problems writing letters he would just write it out for us and jokingly asked for RM50 or RM100 but of course, he never took it.”

“As he was dying of cancer and chemotherapy reduced him to a wreck, I remembered him hiding from his visiting mother because he did not want her to see him like that. He would give fake excuses and not let his mother see him. The day he died, he died feeling disappointed with DBKL.”

Must we always wait until someone dies before we take action? I wondered. Can we Malaysians finally learn how to really sediakan payung sebelum hujan? R.I.P. Mr. Mah, I am sorry we were late. A fighter for his communities’ cause, a family man, and a citizen soldier who did his bidding till the last gasp of his breathes. I am so sorry, sir.

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  1. Heard Mr. Mah was a philanthropist in the way he charges very low fees for the poorer folk. Neighboring folks who knew him have good praise for him and remember him as a good guy. Thanks for this post, LWT.

    I think I can sacrifice lower phone signals for healthier life and peace of mind. Thanks again.