Pictures of Labour Day Gathering in Dataran Seremban

"Save the workers, not the cronies"
- heard it before?

The first pix above I totally agree, why must hospitals be privatised?

Second pix mention about creation of a fund with contributions from employers and employees specifically for retrenched workers, a form of self contributing insurance for the unlucky.

A small contribution of RM1 and RM0.50 respectively. Not a bad idea.

Somehow, I believe SOCSO could have a significant amount of reserves available too.

A tip for those living in fear of crime waves these days....make sure you get your house near places where human rights activities gather as there are plenty of free security available.

A few of the Pakatan Rakyat and Parti Sosialis leaders are in this photo; the ones I know of are Anthony Loke, Ng Chin Tsai, Cha Kee Chin, John Fernandez from DAP; Badrul Hisham Shaharin from PKR and my apologies to the rest.

More pictures can be found on this site. Also there were 89 groups that came forward to support the May 1 2009 Declaration. Bravo to all of them.

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