Is this another telco dish?

After hearing certain Taman Bunga Raya residents complaining about the telco towers which I have blogged earlier here. I have heard a bit more from coffee shop talk.

I have been told that apart from the lawyer who died, there are 4 more cancer cases in Taman Bunga Raya after the telco tower was raised. I cannot verify the truth of this statement.

I have also been told that another telco tower is being errected in Desa Setapak. I took a little trip there and found this thing being errected.

Take a look below and form your own conclusion.


  1. The rental income from telco towers ranges from RM3K to erm, well, I actually don't know the max. Telcos are erm, flexible on the rent they pay if the location is good. Great money. Who cares if it kills the tenants who are renting your place right.

  2. maybe the authority must make a rule that all the board of directors must have a dish on their own home