Antara Boros Nasional dan Pilihan Rakyat

According to Malaysian Insider, , RM7.5 billion has already been lost while if PKFTZ continues, it stands to make future losses of RM8.6 billion. That makes a total loss of RM16.1 billion.

Maybe 16.1 is not impressive enough...RM16.1 billion typed out in full is
RM 16,100,000,000 (short form, written in America) or
RM16,100,000,000,000 (Long form, written in UK)

Since we have been following the Brits all this while, I suppose it is the latter? Either way, that is a lot of our money! I wonder how many JPA scholarships RM16.1 billion can provide, how many families in poverty or how many sick people in need of funds for treatment can be assisted. Well, at least some people are very happy and laughing all the way to offshore banks I imagine.

In business, when there is a “loss” (expense), there is always a corresponding party who makes a gain” (revenue/consultancy fees/sales/commission etc). Any accounting students, qualifying for scholarships or not, can probably figure this one out).

During the run up to elections, big or small, BN fall back on its claim of “having the track record and experience of governance”. If this is the way it manages our money then to HELL with it; I rather give it to some green horns that, according to Hannah Yeoh, “does not have the experience of corruption.”
In the effort to “merakyatkan ekonomi” the Selangor State Government has this "Program Tuisyen Rakyat Selangor".

Big deal, corporate big wits or people with macro-level views might not be too impressed with it but these simple and ground level amenities are the things that impress me the most. Come think of it:

1) State governments control much, very much, smaller revenue source than the federal government (think income, sales, service taxes as well as customs and approved permits etc)

2) Tuition has a very big market in the current pressure cooker school environment, how many school children you can name that does not get extra tutoring?

3) NEP is suppose to assist poor families in social re-engineering and uplifting but at the expense of arresting the potential and opportunities of the brighter and more capable groups, giving free tuition to less economically advantages Malaysians achieve the first objective above without giving rise to the opportunity cost thereof.; and

4) This “one small step for Selangor State Government; but one big step for the Selangor below RM2K per month families” shows an administration that is caring, creative and relevant.
Bravo! It is the simplest things that count for the moment!

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