Penanti: BN's Chicken Factor

BN's decision on not to contest in the Penanti by-election is mainly due to the chicken factor and nothing else. Being thrashed in the Kuala Terengganu (Parliamentary), Bukit Selambau (State) and Bukit Gantang (Parliamentary) by-elections this year, the only saving grace was winning Batang Ai in Sarawak. That's one out of four. Oh my. Poor record. If we extrapolate the results, BN will be shoved out of the government job by GE13.
Last Monday (17th May) Najib had said ""BN's focus is on public service and the national economy. Thus, we decided not to contest..." after announcing that BN will not field candidates for the Penanti by-election. Knowing Najib's recklessness in obtaining what he wants, we all know that Najib knows that BN will never ever win Penanti, so why add on another piece of shit to the record. BN is afraid of elections- that's why Perak will never ever have fresh state elections if BN can help it. This is self-service, not public service; hence don't be confused, Najib; or rather don't confuse the public.

NB. resident.wangsamaju thank the people of Perak, the candlelight- vigilers under arrest, fellow bloggers and friends who prevailed against injustice and social hardship caused by the present government of Malaysia.

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  1. Agree that Najib cannot stomach another smack on BN's image with a drubbing in Perak.

    However, I wish to see more PR effort in Sabah and Sarawak because PR needs to move in there to get more seats in the next GE.

    East Malaysia can still provide BN with the majority in Parlament at the moment and from what I gather from a person or two other there, there is no significant visible PR effort to build up a base there.