Citizen Soldier #3: Mr. Lim, you don't have to be in the party to fight a good fight

Mr. Lim was not a scheduled interviewee but I managed to bump into a real character with his own story.

Mr. Lim, I suppose, is slightly older than KH Lee. He is not a member of any political party and owns his own computer business. His son and son in law came into DAP HQ to help check on the printer problem.

“I supplied these machines to DAP at cost, not a single sen of profit.” < in my book, that's a form of donation / financial assistance > He beamed, and spoke in a gentle and unassuming tone of voice. “During the run up of last year’s general election, I approach all my customers and helped them to check their voters’ registration status F.O.C.”

Mr. Lim also PERSUASIVELY and VOCALLY advocate his choice to his customers. :-)

“There were some pensioners who were afraid of losing their pensions if they voted for the opposition. I explained to them the process of safe custody and destruction of the ballot papers. Only then they felt relieved. I also told those in civil service that they earn their salary through honest work that they put in and they do not owe their soul and democratic rights to those people who occupies seats for a few years.”

“I remember there was this 79 years old man who found himself being transferred involuntarily from Rahang to Chuah <note: the distance between the 2 places, if I am not wrong, is about 30km at least>. The old man was hopping mad and kept saying, ‘macam mana ini olang tua pun mau buli’. I told him that I will drive him there but the old man growled and told me not to bother, he will drive there himself.” For the record, Chai Tong Chai of PKR won in Chuah.

Mr. Lim told me in Chinese proverb that; “we need not heap more accolades on the successful ones but must learn to assist those who are in time of needs”. When Lim Guan Eng was released from his second ISA detention and trying to rebuild his life, Mr. Lim requested his business counterpart to let Betty Chew’s (Guan Eng's wife) law firm to handle their legal documentation eventhough the lawyer's office is in Melaka and not any Seremban firm.

“Can you guess who was their dispatch clerk?” he chuckled. “Lim Guan Eng! When he was made Chief Minister, I went to Penang and visited him in a function and YAB immediately recognized me and addressed me as ‘chin lang’ (dear relative). YAB is a nice man, very nice man.”

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  1. This chap must be one of those BN 'supporters' who misled BN to think that they won't lose as badly as they did in March 8th. Haha...