Richard Scudamore: Manchester United are not allowed to play promoted sides in 2009-2010 season onwards

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Richard Scudamore: Manchester United are not allowed to play promoted sides in 2009-2010 season onwards

Richard Scudamore, Barclays Premier League Chief Executive, said, “ in view of the dominance of Manchester United over the past 3 seasons, we feel that they must give a handicap to the other teams so that the others will have a chance to vie for the league title. We cannot risk the re-occurrence of the football hooligan culture of the yesterdays if the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea cannot win the title for extended period of time. Also, we are considering banning United from the League and FA Cups competition to avoid a clean sweep by them.”

Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United’s manager, understandably was not impressed. “Bollocks! Bollocks! When Chelsea seemed unbeatable 3 or 4 seasons ago with the terrific financial backings, we worked hard and manage to overcome them. Fair competition promotes better performance.”

It is understood that the proposal is still under consideration.

The above was entirely fictional and the more I read it, the more stupid it seems. This can’t be happening in the real world, can it?

Friday May 22, 2009

Govt likely to put cap on number of papers taken for fairer PSD selection
PUTRAJAYA: Students sitting for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination may not be allowed to take as many subjects as they like in future.

This is to put an end to claims on unfairness in the award of Public Service Department scholarships.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that, as things stood now, students in government schools had no limit on the number of subjects they could take, meaning that those from other schools, like fully residential ones, were “disadvantaged”.

I rest my case. NEP has the inevitable opportunity cost of arresting progress of the best and brightest hence resulted in significant brain drain in the past. While NEP has its merit, there must be a sell by date for everything.


  1. LWT,

    Puhlleezzz don't do 'fiction' on Man U. My muruku almost came out undigested when I started to read your posting.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to reply to VC's sms about the 'up close & personal' interview you wanted for your Citizen Soldier chronicles. Please get someone else lah coz there are lots of other more deserving personalities out there. Serious, bro.

    Besides, I oredi got OBE for bragging rights.. hehehe!

  2. Shucks! how did you know my real intention was to make you choke on your muruku!

    Or should I have done the piece on Harchester United (the fictional team in the TV series "Dream Team")

    I am fine but a tad disappointed losing out on you but heck, you are absolutely entitled to say yes or no, especially I don't have a budget for paying interview fees!

    I do hope you enjoyed the chronicles about ordinary folks doing whatever wee bit they have, and I am sure your comments will help me to improve it


  3. 'Please get someone else lah...', ok let's stop looking at each other across the room 'cos the best we can is 1000 teh tariks spreaded over installments of 12 months.

    Maybe not so 'up close and personal'- we'll just focus on the favorite pastime hobbies, common stuff or food maybe. The interviewee will also be maintaining creative rights (jalan cerita) to the posting, etc. Also we'll think review the angle of pics taken before being posted, etc.

    The inspiring payback from this project is adding that extra dimension (which the public craves) to the OBE chronicles.

  4. Hahaha! Three blokes in the same room asking each other 'Wassup, dude?'.

    LWT's Citizen Soldiers Chronicles is actually a very noble project to highlight the endeavours of ordinary Malaysians in its most fundamental form.

    In other words, its about them and their story, and not just an anecdote written by bloggers as seen through our lenses.

    Dang! This is getting far too complicated to explain. Why don't we fix a 'teh tarik' session in Wangsa Maju and brainstorm on this project?

    And perhaps, open it for others to participate as well. Can ah?

    But May 27th - 30th cannot mah for me coz I'll be fishing in Tioman

  5. I am all for the teh tarik & storm the brain thingy...this thread is turning into a social gathering forum hehehehe....

    fix a date n let me know.

    sure it is open for other participants...too bad we don't have strippers turned MPs like they have in Italy, though :-)