Citizen soldier # 7 a lonely friend from Sabah fighting for the good cause

I wondered for days whether I should share this. I really admire what this friend has been doing alone. This is a Facebook conversation which I have edited to avoid having a post too long. This remarkable individual is really a brilliant spark from an abyss of ignorant darkness and it also open my eyes to the feeling on the ground "Over There".

Lee Wee Tak
April 6 at 10:28pm
thanks for inviting me as a friend...may I ask how come I am being given such an honour?
April 6 at 10:41pm
Hi, Lee,
Thank you for accepted me as your friend. Actually I try to get more friends because I only have few friends in face book.
Lee Wee Tak
April 6 at 10:46pm
include yours truly as 1 of the statistic, very happy to be 1 of your friends.
by the way, where do you reside? I am in Wangsa Maju area in KL.
April 6 at 10:49pm
I'm in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
I'm a driving instructor. Nice to be your friend.
April 6 at 10:56pm
Actually a lot of Sabahan is anti BN... but there are so many project M people(those illegal have IC) how? I'm trying to get more people to register as new voter. I wish we can celebrate post-BN day too. We must make it be, right??
Lee Wee Tak
April 7 at 8:38am
good on you Friend. I wish there are more like you. another thing is that PR people in Sabah must stop all the in-fighting.
the thing to go for now is to educate the people of Sabah what they are missing out if they continue under BN. Many Sabahans are working in West Malaysia and I hope they get more exposure and go back and tell the people back home.
do you get to read what the PR state governments of Perak, Selangor and Penang do for the rakyat in Sabah?
April 7 at 8:12pm
Yeap. I wish the next election will be one to one.
There are news about the case in Perak, Selangor and Penang but the thing is most of the Sabahan they don't care about politic. A lot of young people does't read news. The media/news also controlled by BN. All BN good news will publish out and all good work done by opposition never have chance to publish in the news. That's why people thinking opposition does't do any thing.....We do not have opposition press here...
Lee Wee Tak
April 7 at 8:55pm
I was in KK few years back. The newspaper there is hopeless. 4 pages of news and in 3 languages to make them look a bit more bulky.
April 7 at 9:00pm
Yalorr... I don't understand why the opposition here very weak. They do not have their own press, seldom organise talks, seldom see the voter register centre.... Never mind, I will do my best to influence all the people surround me.
Lee Wee Tak
April 11 at 11:13pm
hope opposition can build up the base from now on. Batang Ai by election shows that PR still have a lot of work to do.
At least start by getting all the seats in the cities like Kuching and KK
April 11 at 11:19pm
Yes... they should do home work from now. not wait until election. Sabah have a culture, during election, a lot of calon come out, after election, don't know where are those people. Even they lose in the election, they stil have to serve the people to prepare for the next election!!
Lee Wee Tak
April 11 at 11:23pm
i think the education level and awareness in Sabah is not at the same level in Semenanjung? We have some very hard working YBs here.
I suppose $ is always an issue. PR cannot win against BN which has state money at its disposal
April 11 at 11:29pm
Yes!! Some time i told my friend vote for opposition and they ask me how much $$ i get to support them... i almost pengsan o. i have to explain to them election is not for $$, we have to think our future....etc...
Lee Wee Tak
April 12 at 10:26am
OMG, tell ur friend to choose
1) party A who take your money and waste & abuse and only give a little "sagu hati" back whenever there is a GE or by-election. If your friends like "dead man ang pow" then they deserve all the under-development, sub-standard medical care, over payment for everything
2) party B who promise not to abuse our money and channel the money back into the public. Look at Selangor - Tawas (give RM100 when your baby is borned & get RM15,000 when he or she turns 18 years old)
your friends must have been tourist to Singapore or Hong Kong? Well look at the infrastructure, system, convenience and safety there. This is what kind of party we should be voting for
April 12 at 8:22pm
ok. Next time I know how to answer them. How about those people don't even want to vote? How to push them to vote? They always give reason lazy la, too far la, politic is non of my business la...
Lee Wee Tak
April 16 at 1:49pm
this one-ah..susahlah. if not too many of them, then forget it as not worth the trouble
otherwise bug them and also contact local opposition to provide transport for them. BN does this for their supporters
however, can explain the state of affairs now to them
April 16 at 8:35pm
Yeah!! today I manage to get 5 people to register as voter!! and I keep on telling them not to vote the timbang.haha...
Today at 5:20pm
Hai... people here is poisoned by $ politic. Even I ask around people to register as voter they ask me whether I got commission to do all this. And they think Im member of politic party. I tell them No. I have no receive any single cents to do all this. Then they say Im brave, berani mau lawan gov. Then i have to educate them, telling them we rakyat is the boss of the gov, not the gov is boss....i also want pengsan o

Lee Wee Tak
Today at 6:30pm
the more you tell me, the more I am pissed. how can voting for the political party of your choice is "lawan gomen".
hey, if register to vote is lawan gomen, then SPR registering voters also lawan gomen lah? if this is lawan gomen, how come all DAP ordinary members or all PAS ordinary members are not in jail
you are doing a great are the best! keep it up! 3 cheers for you from Peninsular!
Today at 6:56pm
Thank you. But there are good sign also... some of my friends say they regret to vote BN....
For me, lawan gov, lawan gov la, if the gov is good what for we want to lawan kan?

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