When is the abuse of power going to stop?

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My question is this. Why does the police force have to act like a bunch of hooligans? Who pays their salary? Do they know that we law abiding tax payers are their real bosses?

Yes, I know they have meager salaries that amounts only to the allowance of some affluent teenagers, but who sets their salaries? We are an oil-producing, palm-oil producing, timber-rich country with abundance of resources.Surely some money can be set aside for the police force to carry out their duties. I agree government servants should be payed more. But have they shown us that they deserve it?

Who do you trust and where do you go to when you need protection from the police.

Posted by labisman

Saturday, 10 May 2008

On the 8th May, Wednesday, I went to dataran at 7.10 pm to stand vigil and came across the barricades. I was about 5 ft away when an Indian possibly a plainclothes policeman shouted at me to get away in a loud voice. When I asked him why, he asked me not to talk.

Quite immediately another person this time a uniformed policeman by the name of Zulkarnain shouted at me in Malay to get out from there. When I looked at him and asked him why since I was already outside the barricades he said he could arrest me.

When I asked him why, he got 2 policeman to escort me into the police black maria that was nearby. I sat inside and the double doors were locked. When I tried to use my mobile phones I was shouted at by the same man to turn off my phones otherwise I would be taken to the police station. I managed to send out some smses by which time I was asked to come out of the truck and ushered into a patrol car with a policeman sitting on either side of me and taken to the Dang Wangi police station.

Quite soon both my mobile phones showed network busy and could not call out. Then I was continuously shouted at by several policemen who asked the reason for my being at dataran. I did not speak much to them. When I spoke in English I was again shouted at by more of the personnel that as a Malaysian I should speak in Malay to them.

I demanded to be released but no one bothered to hear me.

At about 10pm one man in baju Melayu and songkok came and abused me further even to the extent of saying that it was a big mistake to have allowed Indians to stay in this country. Soon after I told them that if they were not going to give me a reason or to arrest me or return my ic that I was going to walk out of the room and go home. To this, the man in the songkok whipped out a pair of hancuffs and hung it on the door knob and shouted that if I dared to walk out he would handcuff and arrest me. My 2 bolls dropped an inch and I sat down.

About 10 minutes later one person came and returned my ic but said nothing. Since no one said nothing I got out of the room and ran for my life.

This is my story. I was glad when I got home. Took me a day to recover and mull over the happenings and decide to write to you.

This is not the first time I have been to police stations but the experience is not nice at all, so I can sympatize with you and your family.

Sir, you take good care.


Is there an independent body we can report law abusing policemen to? What about harassment? Many times policemen set up roadblocks just to fill their own pockets. Are we allowed to ask for a permit allowing them to set up that road block before they question us? Can somebody please educate me on how to deal with these hooligans?

If we setup a guideline then we can educate other people on their rights.

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