Afternoon walkabout at Desa Setapak, 17th May 2008

Update: You may be wondering what's Wee Choo Keong doing in this wordless blog? What he is doing is related to here.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Thanks to create this blog.
    I am one of the wangsa maju residents.

    Personally I feel sad with the action of DBKL. DBKL shall give some times to the chinese owner to move thier thing out.

    2) How come it only happened for chinese stall? Why Malay stall nothing happened?

    3) Due to this incident, they are limited supply of food/ restaurant, I hope the price of the food will not increase. Otherwise, it may increase the burden of wangsa maju residents.

    4) Gov really need to stand out to help the W maju resident in this incident. Please explain to the media what is going on.

    Pls help.
    Sincerely thanks.

    Ivan Koo

  2. You are most welcomed. It was created for voicing out opinion of national and Wangsa Maju interests.

    DBKL does not serve nor answer to the KL people- by law (Federal Capital Act) it is answerable to the Ministry of FT; unlike town councils in other states which under the control of the respective state government and not the Federal Government. We all know how DBKL treat the KL people.

    Why only Chinese stalls demolished? That's because within the BN circle, UMNO and DBKL would not allow Malay stalls to be demolished especially it's a political act of sabotage like this. MCA just has the freedom to play games within its own race circle- hence demolish the Chinese own stalls.

    I don't think the prices of food will increase in S2 but I pity the traders for the lost of their income. They are innocent people. However all people must realize how dirty can MCA get when it comes to polictics- this party sacrifices its own race it is trying to 'protect'.

    Wee Choo Keong the current MP is looking into the residents' plight, rest assured. He was distracted from Parliament and had to rush to Wangsa Maju before Parliament ended tonight.