All the thorns in the meat

That is literally translated from 'Duri dalam daging'.

It seems Tun Musa Hitam commented that Dr M's resignation from UMNO is a thorn removed from their midst. The lashback from Dr M is that TMH himself used to be a thorn that needed to be removed during the 80's. Well to me, there seems to be more thorns in UMNO and their BN components that are still acting like thorns do; being a stick in the ass pain to citizens!

Let's first talk about the age-old thorn that will not be removed, Sammy. Not only is he thick-faced enough to stay on as MIC president, but he is also now doing a 180 degrees turn, and trying oh! so hard to help the Indian community since he's no longer road works minister and doesn't have to deal with trying to con the cheapest price out of sub-contractors while pocketing a good fortune from the excess left. Yeah Sammy, I still remember your shoddy work on the MRR2 highway!

Next would be the Chinaman stalwart Ong, the chief Ong that is. I know its confusing, so many Ongs in the MCA party a bit hard to know which one I'm referring to-lah! Ong also seems to have a lot of free time nowadays, no longer building low-cost houses that never seem to materialize and also collecting lots of "Ong"(hokkien translation) into his pockets at the same time. Now he spends his free time trying to get in the main stream media by making stupid remarks, also doing a 180 degree turn, complaining that the Chinese people are duped into voting for DAP and PAS will form a religious state. Now he talks about fighting for Chinese people.

I hate calling them dogs, as everyone else does. Hello! Dogs are loyal and faithful. Also a dog doesn't bite the hand that's been feeding you for the past 50 years. I call them 'janus-faced'.

Two faces, one looking on the inside and one more looking on the outside. The face looking inside the BN component is ever-faithful as long as benefits are thrown their way. The face looking outside is one that claims to protect their own 'race'.

None of these thorns are removed. In fact, compared to thorns such as his Deputy and SIL, Badawi is really just like a blade of grass, it tickles you but it doesn't hurt you much.

And what is the worse thing about removing thorns? Especially so many of them? It will definitely hurt, but think of the relief after the healing process. I hope Pakatan Rakyat will be able to be the balm that soothes when the thorns are removed.

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