Dear RPK, we are behind you.

Feelings of shock and sadness, anger and disappointment pulsed through me as I opened Malaysia Today's web and read RPK's latest piece titled What is Islam. It seems to be a spreading fact that RPK will be arrested soon and charged.

I hope and pray that they will not treat him unjustly, but this is merely wishful thinking. The sad fact is we know, with the current state of the police force and the people in power, there will be no justice done. We know, that if given the chance he'll probably get a beating before anything is confirmed.

This seems such a bleak situation.

But after reading all the comments and follow up on this piece of news, I also know that when RPK is treated unjustly and is denied his rights, there will be people who will rise up and cry to the injustice. There will be huge outbursts and massive waves of feelings just like mine.

The desire and hunger for justice to be done, tyranny to be stamped out and to show that people are the boss,! No one has the right to deny us our rights and cause us misery just because we fight for what is good, what is real and what is right.

Therefore, to all supporters of the free press and supporters of RPK, I pledge to oppose injustice to RPK in any way I can. Perhaps I am a drop in an ocean, which alone cannot cause waves, but when small drops form together, they can cause waves of change.

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