I can't stand Bulletin Utama anymore!!!!!!!

Every 8.00pm on TV3, Buletin Utama come on and irritates the hell out of me!

Here are the reasons why:

1) They have breached their journalistic duties by withholding information from the public. This means that the public is denied the choice of making a free and informed decision.

2) They have given gross misrepresentations of the 5 pakatan rakyat led states, not by lying, but by telling half-truths.

For example today, they gave lengthy airtime to Selangor state opposition leader, toyol about the state government's failure to fulfill their manifesto and even highlighted one of the responses apparently from an email which apparently was not happy with the implementation of the pig farm.

Then when they interviewed Khalid Ibrahim, they only took the first 2 seconds of his response where he said "we do not want to make too drastic changes"...you could see he was about to go on, but was obviously cut off the air.

When is the MSM going to learn that they can't continue to feed us with blatant lies anymore? People just get cheesed off watching all these biased propaganda. I for one would think that they learned their lesson after the 12th GE. It was not only the 'alternative' media who contributed to it, but the MSM indirectly contributed to it by continuously licking the boots of their masters, thus making people feel even more hatred and disgust towards the government.

Nowadays, me and my father just watch the news for laughs at how these people try to put everything in favour of their masters. Then we go online to get the real stories. MSM has definitely lost its place as the trusty informant of current issues. And their continuous spiral downwards, causing themselves to lose credibility, they have noone to blame but their own selves.


  1. the 15 mins buletin pagi at 7.00am has a bit of credibility. way better than the Buletin Utama.

  2. I'm glad you picked that up being your observant self. This country is not democratic- only as democratic as BN sells it- through the press, TV and so on. We are socialist, plus elements of racism, corruption and forced religion. I just wonder where do previous PMs souls go after they die.

  3. I won't call it a buletin utama anymore.. lol

    I was filling up the TV3 website form to access to their programmes and i was laughing when they asked me for my race/bangsa in the form.. and it is precised with a * mark as it is required.. i emailed them back asking is this a necessary info? why not put malaysian/non malaysian? DUH