DBKL KL Structure Plan 2020

Managed to visit the roadshow at Carrefour Wangsa Wangsa Maju. On display are DBKL's future development plans for Kuala Lumpur. The colorful maps with legends depicting the future plans caught my eye. I inquired about the current map ('as-is'), so that it could be compared with the 2020 plan. To know the differences I was asked to 'study the plan in detail'. I realised that even if I studied the plan is detailed I would not have a clear picture of what DBKL is going to change- that's because there is no comparison between current and future scenario.

And city folk are asked to write-in on concerns or protests?! How are we going to know what to protest if we don't understand the plans? It is going to take months to research and compare! I urge the MPs question DBKL- DBKL should make it clear in its roadshow on what is happening and what is going to happen, not just ask city folk to study the plans. What crap.

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