DBKL should be skinned and eaten alive

Or should I just call them snakes? That would be appropriate considering they have no backbone, no particular use to humans except a deadly threat and whenever they are present all that is noticed is they breed contempt and disgust.

Have you ever felt a warm welcome when you see a DBKL officer? I doubt the answer is yes. Worst of all is the mainstream media seems to be a big supporter of DBKL.

On the 8.00pm news yesterday they featured the hawkers protesting in front of the DBKL building and as usual the one sided media only interviews the DBKL officer who has the nerve to say 'when we don't do our job they call us corrupt, when we do our job they complain'.

Hey BODOH, if you don't know how to do your job, step down. I'll do it for you!

If you don't do your job and get paid for not doing your job, like in petaling street where once the vcd vendor pays you off he can wave his whole collection of porn for sale in your face, and you wouldn't give a sh#t, have we not the right to call you corrupt?

When you go around writing tickets in unnecessary places, which I wrote about a little after the GE12, or start harassing people, you claim to do your job?

Seriously, why do we have DBKL except to harass our lives? These are gangsters who show no respect to the people, or the representatives of the people. I wish we were under the Selangor state just like in the good old days, at least they have the power to fire their MBPJ staff if they pull any hanky-panky like this.

I see it is an uphill task for any MP in KL to move any change because of these snakes who answer only to the tune of the pied piper, and the disgruntled ex-MP's who try to win our attention by introducing ideas so blatantly stupid that it is the joke of the town. Yes, I'm talking about the rat-catching for RM2.

In fact a friend was just asking me what to do with the 6 rodents she caught in her house. I told her to send it over to Wangsa Maju and collect her money, cos hey! these mice don't have registered addresses do they?

Yeap, I hate living in KL just because we have a bunch of IQ below 100 people who just love to disrupt our lives and play 'we are the big boss'. Hey, that's their job right? or so they claim.


  1. Let's all hope the opposition party keep their end of the bargain and live up to the expectations of the general public.If they can pull that off then we will see a new government soon as i'm pretty sure many will want a wind of change.Just hope that IF it were to happen and opposition rules,hopefully corruption etc etc will be at minimum if not totally eradicated (wishful thinking here)....coz in case all political parties fail to realise...this is a new era and THE PEOPLE RULE!POWER IN THE HANDS OF THE RAKYAT OF MALAYSIA!!!

  2. The people are watching to ensure the current MPs do their job. Right now, the only hope for Malaysia's future is the change of government- I say this because it will take years for the current government to repair itself, if it can at all. Right now, I still have to pinch myself to remind myself that this is not a bad dream- our KL is run by nothing more than a bunch of gangsters.