Ketuanan Melayu

This appears as a comment in TDM's blog.

First of all the term 'Tuan Melayu' should be dropped because it has links deeply entrenched in racism- that's what the non Malays think.

What's the point of being a Tuan Melayu when Malaysia is not economically doing well. We should not be preoccupied about fighting for race rights and that's what we are doing- waste of time, waste of resources. The Malay politicans should point their people in the right direction and that is to cultivate the Malay minds to drop that Tuan Melayu thing and start thinking about Tuan Dunia, building up the country's economy- that's the real perjuangan. If we keep on berjuang for racial power and rights Malaysia will still be running on the same spot 50 years from now. The Malay population is trending upwards in terms of composition- in future who knows it'll be near 90- plus percent. When this happens what's so special about being Tuan if the standard of living is stagnant or deteriorated, bitten by inflation; vast majority being unemployed; high crime rate and so on. Even now, being the majority race, what is there to berjuang? Why can't Malays berjuang economically, competing against the world instead of internal bickering and racism.

'Tuan Melayu' is no longer applicable in the context that it's being sold to the public. We should drop it- it incites hatred and racism. Sad to say, it's also quite an uphill task for the good Malay brothers who try hard to reinvent and salvage the term 'Tuan Melayu' for the better. Uphill task because of the term was propagated and capitalized the wrong way by unfit politicians; blemished with racism and some bloodshed.

Malays need to think internationally, think outside the racial box- berjuang not against other races but berjuang to upgrade job skill sets, berjuang to improve technologies. They also need to start thinking about perjuangan with all other races in Malaysia.

Yes, sure, this is some kind of wake up call by TDM, but using 'Tuan Melayu' drowns his intended message. The term 'Tuan Melayu' is racist.


  1. You seem like a very forward thinking and mature individual - I applaud your post. The real issues at hand are creating a credible government. Bringing up race as a smokescreen to cover the real issues will not win brownie points for the government and wrongly influence lesser minds.

  2. Thanks for visiting this blog, Odette. Your comments in TDM's posting is frank and straight-to-the-point as well.
    Keep up the interesting food reviews!