Munirah Bahari would have remained an unknown, until she opened her stupid fat mouth..

Is this a publicity stunt to gain attention? Or does Ms Munirah seriously believe what she says?

It seems the only way to gain media attention nowadays is by either entering politics, or saying something really stupid. It seems this lass here decided the latter was easier.

She's so famous now I doubt I even need to mention what she did. However for ignorance sake; vice-president of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia Munirah Bahari stated that school uniforms ie white blouses are the causes of rape and children born out of wedlock.

By now, this old piece of news has received many backlashes, so I'm just going to sum it up in my own words.

1) Nobody agrees with her that the school uniform is the real cause of rape or children born out of wedlock.

2) Almost everyone agrees she is a stupid ignorant girl, whose ideas will send women back at least 500 years.(sigh I guess there is a truth to the saying that it is women who oppress other women)

3) As vice-president of a student association, she has sparked great worry among the older generations that this is the quality of students today; mainly stupid, naive, ignorant, lacking logical thinking, and obsessed with sex.

I doubt my own capacity to reach out to people, but if you perchance upon this posting, let me assure you that the younger generation is not as warped as you think. I can assure you that this lass here is really one in a hundred and I hope I represent the other side of the coin where we young ones are just as concerned and interested in the well-being of the country.

Do not judge us just because of one warped mind and generalize that all of us are just as unthinking and brainwashed. Of course, the MSM will never bother to portray this other side of youth. That way, they can always name us 'unpatriotic', or should I call in 'unUMNOtriotic'?


  1. I must admit that this school uniform matter is stupid and a waste of media air time.

  2. ridiculous statements coming out from irrational minds...Malaysia Boleh!