What does MCA stands for?

Normally I am more concern about Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole; rather than about my own race but today, maybe a bit too much of MCA news in the Chinese Press for the past few days, I caught a bug and decided to differ.

The Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek spat is nothing new. MCA No. 1 and No. 2 have always been like cats and dogs with the exception of Ong Ka Ting and Chan Kong Choy. (but in truth, my sister-in-law’s puppy grew up with her kittens and the beasts have more harmony between them than the Malays and non-Malays in the world according to Awang Selamat)

I just wonder what does MCA stands for, apart from their advertisement that they are always “fighting” for the Chinese. (Strange, since they are always in BN “fighting” for the rights of Chinese, just to flip it a bit, they are “fighting against” UMNO (Malays) and MIC (Indians) for “Chinese” interest so one wonders why the Controlled MSM never highlight about this “in-fighting” within Barisan Nasional coalition as a matter of concern).

I suppose Tan Cheng Lock’s MCA started off wanting to Manage Chinese Affairs. I suppose during the first few years, things were fine but over the years, with a party known for perpetual internal party struggles with Many Confusing Allegations and Many Confrontational Actions being thrown about, I would not be surprised if many Malaysian Chinese feel that their interest is not being served but Merely Cast Away and Marginalized Consistently Anyway while Malays have progressed and still progressing very well in terms of their political rights.

The rallying call for UMNO is “Malay Unity” while MCA hardly exclaim “Chinese Unity”, which, in a way, the currency MCA suppose to be dealing with as BN component party but this has not been applied with diligence and focus. Maybe MCA is too generous and Making Concession Amicably all the time as they are “fighting” for the Chinese rights, whatever that means. Personally I believe in Making Considered Approach in more logical in allocating the resource of the country for social justice and public wellbeing.

During the time when Mahathir Commanded All, MCA Meekly Cruised Along, silent during the judicial crises of 1988, leading us to the Lingam Gate and incredulous rulings passed as we witness the Perak debacle today.

Hence instead of protecting Chinese rights per MCA charter, maybe there is a case that they Merely Causing Agitation to the Chinese or even Made Chinese Angry.

While Utusan Malaysia has Made Condemning Accusations against the non-malays, MCA usually pay no heed as they may understand Utusan is Merely Creating Agitation without really meaning to let it degenerate into Major Conflict Anyway. Malaysia now is no longer in 1969.

Any major riot will destroy the economic pie which Malay has very substantial share and I hope Malays Can Assess this intelligently and rationally. Since Raja Niong claimed that on 1 August, RM200million or whatever were lost in few hours of protested without so much of a window being broken, I shudder to imagine what losses and harm an pre-arranged riot would cause and I hope all sensible Malaysians will not get involved.

The Cow Head Gate in Shah Alam is a case in point. MCA here did protest as much as a graveyard while after the Keris apology, there is More Clumsy Attempt from Hishammuddin to balance out the divide and rule tactics. Despite Most Condemnable Act of insensitivity, rudeness and recklessness, is MCA’s silence a sign of its Meekly Consenting Acceptance of the game? Mind you, should MBSA issues summons to the protestors for vandalizing, littering and spitting in public domain?

Annually, the Chinese top SPM and STPM top scorers cry and bitch about the scholarship hijack but one wonders if there is a case for manufactured crises for the Malaysia Complain Agency to justify its existence and says every year “Maybe Can Appeal”. Making Compassionate Appeals? More logical would be to Make Correct Allocations hence the best of our brains are developed, nurtured and retained to service the country and tax payers, rather than Money Chucked Away to less qualifying candidates.

Mind you, socially re-engineering is 1 thing but having incompetent doctors and leaders is a matter of life and death hence there is no room for Making Callous Appointments in getting the right people to do critical, life and death jobs.

Look at PKFTZ, had the parties involved Made Claims Accordingly then there is no problem but as the Pricewaterhouse report mentioned, some claims were Manipulatively Criminally Abusive, and now we Malaysians were made to pay for this Malignant Cancerous Abomination.

I am confused. The Zakaria and Toy properties were not investigated by MACC. Does that Make Corruption Acceptable? As the Teoh Beng Hock case shows, someone is still pretty against corruption practices but time of writing, we still do not know how much dirty money Teoh died for, was it RM2,400 or RM112?

The witnesses from MACC Mutters Conflicting Allegations like one said there was an argument while the other said no. Many Confusion Arises but one thing for sure, MCA seems more concern about its No.1 and former No. 2 WWF rather than some event that stirred the Chinese community here more than anything else.

After the RM10million can of worms is blown open, the Treasurer claims that MCA has …err.. RM2 billion in assets and that the alleged donation is both negligible and never been received by MCA. Fine, Money Can Accumulate but as a political party designed to assist the community it represents, how come so much money is retained and not distributed? One wonders how MCA can amass so much money also.

At the end of the day, any fight is a good fight if the fighters have noble intentions in their hearts. Whether MCA is fighting for the Chinese only or for the nation, I only hope is May Commonsense Arise and all Malaysians, regardless of racial and religious background can benefit from leaders who has Mature Caring Attitude. When time comes to exercise our democratic rights hopefully the quality of leadership available for Malaysians May Change Altogether.


  1. Haha. I like the way the abbreviations are explained so clearly.

  2. me too...very good indeed

  3. Well done. Funny but a very accurate description of MCA.

  4. Very aptly written and hilarious too.... Well done.

  5. MCA should be labelled as -

  6. yOU KNOW WHY?
    Bcos they alway chicken out. They love chicken and vcd. The quake like ducks round town on chicken feed matters. They alway chicken around. Of cos the bosses are cocks. A chicken always talk cock. The cock and chicken never walk together. Chicken always let the cock fight. Fighting their cock is their favorite past time. When the chicken sees a dog, it will loose his cock. Chicken and chicken always talk nonsense but cock and chicken love acting on vcd. Sometime the hen comes to the club. The chicken, hen and cock are all members of the cock's chicken association. Chicken loves angpow.

  7. fellas, thanks for the kind comments. these are the things that keep the authors here going.

  8. LOL.. Wee Tak... what future do we have with MCA then?

  9. MCA is caught now - remain in BN; negative impact of Kepala Lembu etc...Maybe Condemned already?

    might as well change ideology and name to Malaysia Citizen Association and let PR share their accumulated warchest....

  10. Dude you're the Jon Steward of Malaysia hahaha!