Dr, what the FXXX is this about?

As a wee lad, I used to watch this TV series "6 million dollar man". Of course, now we have "RM1 million is nothing" woman, Dr. Ng Yen Yen.

After stirring/cooking up a little hoo haa over origin of food,

she went on and clarify that she never said we should patent the food.

Of course she didn't say we should patent the food. I read the Malay Mail article and then Malaysia Insider and there is no mentioning of patents.


Registering for the patent will be a joke and enforcing it will be impossible. Just so soon after the MacDonalds and McCurry court case, surely Ng Yen Yen would not have miss out the message from this episode? Food fight without a firm argument to back you up is plainly unnecessary and waste of valuable time and money.

If Ng Yen Yen were to do that, what if MacDonalds patent burgers and start hunting down the Mat Ramli burgers by the road side and ask for royalty?

I suppose, following prevailing tradition and habits, self created crises that waste column inches is helluvaway to get noticed. It is also risk free because there is no need for a solution because, really, there is no problem while the real problems are left unattended.

It is good business for politicians to get noticed (as long as it is planned by the politicians themselves, try and ask another Dr. who was unfortunately got unplanned publicity during his off-duty time).

Just be careful, such craving for publicity and attention can be addictive; just ask another certain Dr. M who might know a thing or 2 about this kinda addiction.

Even certain non-BN celebrities have caught the bug. Good old Hassan instructed cases of custom-regulation-compliant beer to be taken away without warning or notice. Helluvaway to talk to business community and promote their confidence.

My advise to Ng Yen Yen as a voter and a tax payer is that, as a tourism minister, she can gain more mileage by taking on PAS Youth who wants to ban every foreign man, woman and bird to have a concert to Malaysia.

"Who is the heck you guys with wild imaginations approve, eh?" I can imagine her put er high heels down and bearing down on'em "The Singing Burkas?!!" That would put the kill-joys in their places.

This would taint and ridicule Malaysia as a destination for relaxation and fun. People's rice bowl in the entertainment industry will be affected,. Ng Yen Yen can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and yet she choose to pick food fights with Mr and Mrs Kiasu over the origins of unhealthy food items that we food-loving Malaysians never bother anyway. As long as it is affordable and yummy, there is no problem so why go and create 1? (Cia Pah Boh Tai Chi - belly full and too free, izzit?)

Seriously, the kill-joys only have 1 word in their vocabulary and that is "no". The kill joys should try to be constructive and put out a list of who they think can have the sing-along or whatever needs to be done so that they would not be offended. (Frankly, if the kill joys just not turning up would suffice). Their bag daddy also say they are "untuk semua" so why the No No No No, they got Dr No inside, izzit?

I think I should dedicate this article to Drs.......

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