Exhortations of Righteousness? or Plain Bullshit?

I have stopped buying and reading newspapers, but, now and then one can't help but to note the headlies... (pun intended) on the local newspapers.. occasionally I also browse The Star for some "free" online propaganda.

Today is one of those days and The Star clearly chose to ignore to point out all those racist statements made by the PM Jibby's ministers in the past few months while chose to trumpet the PM's call to "Learn Tolerance" and "Mutual Respect" as espoused by the Quran. Everything points to the PM being "different" and definitely working towards the goal of 1Malaysia! Bravo!. If taken in isolation, it would have meant something in Malaysia but merge it with all the events that occur over the past few months, one really wonders if this PM has been out of the country and do not bother to keep in touch with local events or what?

Funnily though, after 52 years of BN rule, the country is still "learning to tolerate"? I mean, 52 years of BN rule! They have not achieved what they have been espousing all these while? On another level, would mutual understanding and respect be a more lasting basis of peace in Malaysia rather than tolerance? Tolerance as its means can have a breaking point. Would it not? Case in point.. there were many and the latest that people would have remembered would be the cow-head demonstration that it is now known. So, "tolerance"? Now, that the so called tolerance has hit the tipping point, the state government called for a "dialogue". A dialogue as we know is a diplomatic discussion by putting your grievances on the table and we try to understand the root of the problem and we "hope" to reach an understanding or rather a prelude to a more substantive discussion to resolve the whole matter. But, the "dialogue" as we all have come to understand today is a shouting match with no substance but obscenities and name calling. There is no desire whatsoever by the people who have "lost tolerance" to come with a mind to have a "dialogue". They seem hell bent on creating ruckus, intimidate and drive fear into others. Is this what our people have come to?

Back to the question, is the PM out of tune right now calling for us to learn tolerance? We have learnt tolerance for 52 years! And never once in the 52 years of tolerating have we ended up dragging something sacred and desecrate it in such a shameful manner. So, Mr. PM, you say we should learn more tolerance? Who should Mr. PM? Should we tolerate the abuser? or should we be more tolerant as the one receiving the abuses? Is your call to learn tolerance a one way traffic? Heads you win, tails I lose?

I would not go into detail as to their political affiliations of the people involved in the fracas of the demonstration and the dialogue session. Suffice to say that BN and Umno in particular have been supporting this group of people is enough to speak of your rant for tolerance and mutual respect is nothing more than a mantra that is ancient and is no longer applicable in Malaysia today.m

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