A Fool? Or Mere Posturing?

Firstly, thanks to Wee Tak for carrying my request to be a writer on this blog and also my thanks to resident.wangsamaju for believing that I can contribute worthy thoughts to be published in this blog. Its been sometime since I last wrote and I find it horribly tiring to maintain a blog and realize that it is indeed a full time job! Now come to think of it, which nincompoop that said that blog writers are unemployed and housewives?

Over the last few months, blogosphere in Malaysia has evolved tremendously. From mere rantings and sharing of opinion and views, they have become a major tool to get their message over to the masses in a very short time. Also since the so called "political tsunami" that hit Malaysia in March 08, the ancient and obese BN has also come to recognize that blogs and the internet has played a major role in their humiliatingly slim victory in the last general election, hence the machinery was started and "major overhaul" was made to make their presence felt in the blogosphere. To BN, its simple really.. dangle the $$$ in front of some bloggers and wallah! They now have a bunch of famous bloggers that will do their bidding.. have they succeeded? I think time will tell. I do not visit those blogs that often but once in a while I still do.. its good really food for thought to see where these people are heading.

Anyway, my thoughts today are not that ancient as March 08 but on some events that happened in our country lately, from the Perak fiasco, to Terengganu and to Selangor, spins, counter spins and further spins may have either left the people trying to make sense of what is happening to be in a state of being dizzy to being right down feeling completely hopeless that the country's politicians are beyond help and reproach.

There have been many articles pinned on how our Home Minister continues Umno's efforts to drive the wedge further between Malaysians through religion and racism from the recent cow head demonstration. Those articles have expressed enough on what needed to be said.

No, today, I would like to focus on the one man that has got no shame whatsoever. Implicated in various matters but never investigated or manage to get off the hook because he has been buddy buddy with the DG of Selangor's MACC. From shady land deals to working hand in glove with MACC in trying to bring down the current state government. From staying in a 24mil bungalow to his shiny botox-ed face.. from holing up in his office post March 08 shredding documents to his escapades to Disneyland on public funds... he is the famous MAT "BOTOX" TEMPE!

While the Home Minster was sent scurrying to contain his "extreme" defense of the cow-head demonstrators, this idiot of the same kind seem to want to continue to rant about it!

Among the gems of his quote (taken from Malaysiakini)

"The reason (the cow's head) was brought was to show that the (state government) had acted without thinking as the site (for the Hindu temple) was ready (in Section 18), so why relocate (to Section 23)?"

To show that the state government acted without thinking? Huh? So, does it mean that the non-Muslims can take a pig's head to show that the state government had acted without thinking as well?

"I don't know who brought it (the cow's head)... but for me, there is no sensitivity (involved) or link to the animal being holy for the Indians (Hindus)," he added.

No sensitivity involved.. because its to show displeasure to the state government? I really wonder how would a pig's head imply?

"That is up to him. I am not involved in that one. I am just commenting on it (the issue) because people have turned it into a racial issue and that is not right," he said.

His comments on Hishamuddin flopping to charge the demonstrators.... equally baffling. So, let me see, its okay for Umno leaders to have differing views, while if Pakatan members have differing views, (beer issue) then there is a disunity in Pakatan, but when Umno leaders have differing views... err.. its up to him? And nothing else? Hypocrite? A fool? or is it mere posturing to gain political mileage?

I simply do not understand how Malaysians can put up with these people! Can we as Malaysians, put a stop and say NO to these sort of politicians? Will the people of Sungai Panjang do the right thing next time out? Kick Mat Tempe out for good!


  1. Welcome to P116, Malaysian Joe!

    I have been laughing at the news for the past 2 weeks. This Keris-guy is the most incompetent guy- should be booted.

  2. I have reached the point of laugh till I wanna cry...

    Thanks for allowing me to take my rantings here.. :)

  3. Well come Joe - your intelligent analysis will contribute more to this little piece of blogsphere....

    wee tak

  4. yeah.. its a call to all that love Malaysia as it is. United we stand... need to tell that to Hasan Ali.