You deserve what you get

I was at the launch of Mr. Ooi Kee Beng's book entitled "Arrested Reform: The Undoing of Abdullah Badawi". The discussion from the floor with the speakers (the author himself, YM Tunku Abdul Aziz and Dato' Zaid Ibrahim) was lively and engrossing.

There was a participant who mentioned that one of her concern was come next GE, the economy will be at a good cycle and BN can win with minimal effort. Later after the talk she also expressed to me her concern that with the recent swing back of Malay votes back to BN in Bukit Gantang, a little effort on the Malay voters would guarantee victory for BN.

I suppose she has her point but for me, the following thoughts popped up.

1) No matter how "good" our economy was, are and will be under BN; we always have to i) pay more than the intrinsic value ii) put up with unfair distribution of income

Yes, when the share market is good, a very little minority with capital, knowledge and means will prosper from this legalised betting den.

An Indian gentleman correctly mention that it is about class struggle and not a matter of race. Poverty does not recognise race. Nor does disease and illness.

For those who have, the question is - is your earning power a proper reflection of your purchasing power parity with countries with lower corruption rate?

For those who have not, the question is - what did you really benefit from the good economic times? A factory worker might earn a bit more overtime here and there but where does the bulk of the hot money goes to?

The economic model adopted by BN - concerntration of economic opportunities via direct negotiations, cronyism, restrictive capital requirements, leakages in contracts awarded to select few have curtailed proper and free flow of distribution of the nation's wealth.

2) As for the worrying about Malay votes going back to BN. Well, everybody has a right to vote for whoever they want. Just vote for the right reasons. You reap what you sow and what you vote is what you'll get.

But, if you are concerned, then DO something. Don't sit down and worrying about it in a mamak stall. A person I got to know from facebook told me about the effort that person made and making to get young people to register and vote & also advise them about the reality that is going on.

A little effort by everyone will accumulate into a grand effort. Not everybody can be a successful politician but hey, accumulation of everybody's effort is part of People's Power.
Make your stand and do whatever you can for a better Malaysia


  1. Correct, all talk no action is equals to nothing. That's what we did, acted on March 2008.

  2. there are a lot more ordinary folks like you and me can do.....hope to blog about it 1 day

  3. It requires efforts no more laying idle hope for that and this! if Opposition to wrest control and forming the next government. Economics plus those tht has intrinsic values what will sway votes either to left or right. All know this!