Leave the poor tree alone-lah

I read in today's Sunday Star(19 April page N6) that ..."Ipoh City Council planted 19 young tree around the Democracy Tree to deter people from using it for unknown religious purposes..." per Datuk Bandar Roshidi Hashim.

Just what are they afraid afraid of?

if it is unknown, how sure the City Council know it is for religious purposes? Whether it is religious in nature or not, should it not be a mufti, ustaz, monk, priest or Jabatan Islam to determine that? Since when the Majlis Perbandaran is an expert in religious matter? Leaving a trident I am not sure but using the tree for 4D number is definitely NOT a religious purpose.

By the way, isn't freedom of religion part of the foundation of Malaysia's famed social contract or way of life? How come we can let a body financed by rate payers' fund to decide for the rate payers whether they can pray/held religious function or not around the tree?

By the way, planting 19 trees so close to each other suggest lousy town planing execution. Who wants to have a man-made secondary forest near the state assembly hall? Haven for khalwating couples, pissing dogs, scared cats, hidden snakes, lazy snails, marauding mosquitoes or desperate gentleman who can't find a toilet nearby?

Also, this is maltreatment of trees. By clustering 20 of them together, the land might not hold enough nutrients for them.

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