We have to be consistent

I am all for the right of people to make known and advocate their stand in a civilised manner. Through proper dissemination of what they are passionate about, they can broadcast to and educate others what they believe in with the hope to make the society they live in will become better. Good examples are advocates of women's right, animals' right and environmental issues among others.

I also admire people who shows consistency, committment and dedication to their cause and belief, provided all done in a civilised manner.

Albeit I felt uncomfortable with the self-appointed defenders of faith to demonstrate in front of the BAR Council last year and the actions of certain committed defenders of their race's rights in Penang shortly after the results of the GE was known on 8 March, I believe it is their right to voice their opinion and make their stand. It is only the alternative in which they have chosen to show their feelings that is subject to questioning and control.

So how does the ardent, avid and committed of the above react to the 2 developments below?

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia has banned the forced conversion of children to Islam to quell unease among religious minorities in the mainly Muslim nation, the country's Legal Affairs Minister said on Thursday.
The decision follows the highly publicized case of Indira Gandhi, a 34-year-old ethnic Indian Hindu woman whose estranged husband embraced Islam and then converted their children to the religion as...

KUALA LUMPUR, April 24 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday defended the removal of the 30 per cent Malay equity quota in several sectors, and said that Malay businesses would not lose out despite any increased competition.

The above development is a test of Dato Seri's Najib mettle and the swift development suggest a certain firmess & firmness in his administration hence make make Badawi's administration look in less favourable light.

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  1. Such sheer hypocrisy of those who UMNO flers who demonstrated in Penang when LGE announced the enforcement of open tender for all projects, and yet silent as a mouse when Najib announced the abolishment of the 30% equity quota. *Sigh*...