Now I know my roots, thanks Zahid!

According to Zahid, sexy women dancing and singing the latest hottest numbers are part of Chinese culture. Sorry mate, that's global entertainment trend.
I have nothing against the 3 babes, in fact, I like'em. However, calling them Chinese culture is an insult to Chinese culture. Chinese culture include, amongst other things, lantern festival, hungry ghost festival etc.
I suppose there is a belief that Chinese can trade a few STPM top scorers being rejected to enroll in their preferred choices in local universities or denied scholarships for a nice meal & a few dancing girls.
Up to the Chinese to articulate their view point then. Anyway, I won't bother to scream until I foam to defend my culture and race and religion to death. I am off to see some nice Ah-Mei music video now.

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  1. Thi Perak Deputy UMNO Chief is a dumbass. Was he born in Malaysia. This is definitely not Chinese culture, more like MCA culture.