Some numbers about the cabinet

39 (56%) Malay
17 (24%) Chinese
5 (7%) Indians
9 (13%) dll, mainly East Malaysians

62 (89%) men; 8 (11%) women

If we look from pure statistics, the racial composition may reflect Malaysia's racial make up. However, the juicy/critical portfolios, namely finance, defense, education, international trade & industry are held by Malays.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about the notion of Malay special rights/positions are under threat.

MCA wanted Deputy PM post; denied. Then they tried for Finance Minister's post; also denied. They end up with the usual mickey mouse portfolio - health, transport, tourism, housing and local government.

The Indians used to have the public works ministry under their redoubtable, toll-promoting, god-fearing S Vellu. Now they are just left with 1 minister looking after human resource.

East Malaysians do have some interesting portfolio which reflect the opportunities that may resent themselves in plantation, natural resources, environment etc.

It is though, a big let down on the female participation. Perhaps there is too few "available ladies" available. There are many capable ladies in the Parliament but Najib hasn't got them on his side.

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