So happy I was wrong!

I predicted that Pakatan can only win in Bukit Gantang but the voters in Bukit Selambu....I salute you!

I was worried when Mahathir made an appearance and judging by the number of hits in Che, the old chap seems to have plenty of support ... now I wonder how many of the million hits is made by the same person.

As for Batang Ai....sigh, too much head hunting might not do your thinking power any favours, eh?

Time for Pakatan to invest in Sarawak and Sabah. It needs more than 2 years to drum sense into these people.
resident. wangsaMaju: Najib reacting to the poll results today. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, BN's director for the by-elections- '...maybe the feelgood factor of the new power transition as yet to sink in on the voters...'


  1. hey, that image in the background, lady in white, ur shape look familiar....

  2. yes...tun has plenty of support but malaysians want change. we want change!!! and i am super happy pkr won.

  3. I wonder who is the lady in white?

    Thanks Calvin- I'm glad the voters are an intelligent lot.

  4. I was a bit worried that BN may do a clean sweep even. But people of the two bukits I salute you. But to the people of Btg Ai... I still believe they wanted badly to ditch Taib but still have to find the balls of steel to do it.

  5. The Star painted the wrong picture as usual- showing a picture of hopelessness on the PR camp. The election results show one thing- people want to take charge of their destiny. No one can save us except ourselves- not the monarchy, not the judiciary, not the constitution.