Najib hit the ground running, great!

Najib has been impressive on his first day in office, I mean really.

1) he freed 13 ISA detainees immediately.If the ISA detainees can be released so quickly, why were they in there in the first place? What about the 100+ plus more? What about the act itself. Cheering-picking 13 out of the 100+, is that not equivalent to selective non-persecution?

2) He canceled the ban on Harakah and Suara KeAdilan- they should never been banned in the first place. Was it Syed Hamid or whoever could not give the reason for banning when queried? With hindsight, would he or should he or could he just shrugged and say,"oh this will be made look good in a few days, just sabar".....NOT

3) Giving some money to Tamil schools, heck, we always get something before by-elections. Nice new roads, new lamp post, Samy Vellu used to swagger by and order thousand and one things repaired, nice angpows for previously deprived SRJK....try to have a structured and systematic allocation process for vernacular schools without echos of helping 1 race is depriving of the other for a change.

4) What a nice sentence, “In our national discourse and in pursuing our national agenda, we must never leave anyone behind,”....remember "work with me and not for me"?

Let's hope my sceptism is wrong


  1. Looks like the 13 people are still jailed.

  2. oops technical error by someone.....

  3. I read in the Chinese press that maybe the jailers were caught unaware(?)

    this shows that people can be arrested and released by whims and fancies

    Malaysia can do without such a system. ISA is a law that can encourage laziness in police work. No need to justify ground of arrest. We need to address this.