Raising the standard of debating in Parliament

We have come across too many instances whereby things said in the august house are an insult to the rakyats' intelligence and hard earned money as well as preventing the nation to achieve developed status; the waste of money range from stupid commentary on MAS air stewardess' uniform, to bocor, as well as the endless supply of secondary school intellectual level sort of answers provided by ministers and their deputy ministers whenever they have to tend to questions from their fellow MPs.

I put forward 3 approach to raise the standard of exchange in the august house since this concerns the livelihood of the rakyat and proper use of tax payer's money.

1) Let's have a dedicated channel for live & delayed telecast of parliament and state assembly sessions. Since all the parliament and state assemblies do not go through sitting the entire year, we can re-broad cast these sessions through out the year so that people who are interested or have a vested interest can observe the performance of their wakil rakyat.

2) Let's also broadcast snippets of selected other countries' sessions. Let's have a look at our MPs and DUNs' counterparts' performance in Singapore, Hong Kong and United Kingdom.

3) Instilling debating as part of school curriculum, say 10% of the examination marks of our language subjects are from debating. Our children will be trained to think, analyze, articulate their thoughts and listening & respecting opposing views.

The current structure of controlled MSMs and rigid education system are stifling or even murdering our intellectual capacity. We need more issue and solution base politicians and voters, rather than relying on deciding our democratic results base on irrational and emotional gamemanship because ultimately, it is the livelihood of yours and mine that are at stake.

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