What instant noodles tells us about the economy

A quick visit to Carrefour Express Wangsa Metroview last Wednesday showed that Maggi Mee perisa ayam (chicken flavor) had risen to RM4.50 for a 5-pack. I could not miss it because the huge Maggi mee display was right at the entrance of the store. Ironically the sign said 'special promotion'. The price was like RM3.15 per 5-pack right? Did you ever noticed how the price of the 5-pack reflects the price of a bowl of a mee in Malaysia. For example a bowl of mee in SSL Noodle Shop Wangsa Maju costs about the same without the extra add-ins. No rocket science there, but the price of the 5-pack Maggi mee is really close to the hawker's bowl of mee. At RM4.50 for 5, instant noodles are no longer poor man's food, but one single pack is still about 20% of the price of a bowl of noodles.

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