Further evidence to show BN is irrelevant

The landslide majority win by Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim yesterday has proven that the citizens do not believe in the rhetorics used by the BN machinery. The Permatang Pauh by-election has shown BN dropping to a new level of low, where personal attacks and videos of Saiful's swearing were played during their campaign. Instead of focusing on what they would do for the constituency and the nation, the ruling government preferred instead to resort to character assassination to discredit their rival.

Clearly, the government would rather distract voters from the real issues at hand i.e. the current rising inflation, which is reported to be at an all time high in 27 years, and the fact that the KLSE stock index has dropped 25% this year due to foreign investors losing confidence in this country.

Many comments suggest that BN should contemplate performing a post-mortem. In my opinion, post- mortems happen only to dead bodies, so really BN is officially dead. Remember the coffin being carried out in Permatang Pauh? That is an omen to BN that they are dead.

What killed them? I would say that it was suicide really. The fact that they did not understand the wake-up call from the March 8 elections, the fact that they stay continuously disconnected and selfish towards the rakyat, and the fact that they are using Neanderthal methods and ideology to govern, these are all contributors to their present state. And also, the fact that we have been continuously bashing them in cyberspace sending them the same message over and over again which they choose to ignore and instead instigate that we are traitors, non-patriotic and seditious even.

I hope and pray for the day when we are truly 'Merdeka' from this bunch of goons who think they can run the country by instilling fear and banking on people's ignorance. And judging from the sentiments of the Permatang Pauh voters, who by the way a good majority represent the youth group of age 21-40, that day will come as long as BN continues to dig their own graves.

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