BN should stop lying to themselves

Yesterday, I was tickled with laughter over Najib's remarks that the only reason why Anwar has been promoting the quota allowance for non-bumiputra's admission into UITM is because he does not have the support of the majority of Malays. According to Najib, Malays either support PAS or Umno, therefore Anwar needs to garner the support from Non-malays.

This seems to me a ridiculous statement. And I make this observation from my point of view as a citizen living in the urban city of Kuala Lumpur, where my neighbors and friends are culturally, religiously and racially diverse. Speak to any urban Malay living in Kuala Lumpur, I guarantee you that one out of three professes their support for PKR. The reason being that PKR is able to capture the younger generation of voters who have grown up in the 80's and 90's era where globalisation has kicked in, the means of transportation in travelling not only around the country, but around the globe has become increasingly easier and more affordable.

These are the people who have traveled the world, garnered enough knowledge and realize that the way forward is to be more competitive and to constantly challenge oneself in this 'dog eat dog', 'survival of the strongest' world. These are the people who shy away from the Islamic professions of PAS, not to say that they are non-religious, but because they believe that religion and the state has to be separate and imposing one's religion is not the best way to profess love for that religion. These are the people who are tired of the constant manipulation and corrupt practices by Umno and their BN components, using racial divide as their 'command and conquer' technique.

These are the people who are fed-up, tired and struggling to make ends meet. They are sick of the government, they cannot subscribe to Pas' ideology, yet they cannot fit-in with the dominantly Chinese DAP, these are the people like me. Does it matter that I'm not Malay? No, because as long as we still talk in terms of racial demographic, we will never really be able to move forward and embrace our cultural diversity.

I do not profess to say that PKR is the best political party ever, but currently it is the only one which I feel I would be likely to fit in. It does not care that my forefathers were from China, and it speaks languages that I understand best, English and Bahasa (I admit I have a poor grasp of my own mother tongue). It professes to be multi-cultural and multi-racial, and is SEEN to be multi-cultural and multi-racial. It is not the best, obviously not with the lights of people like Zulkifli Nordin as one of the MPs, but is there any other alternative?

And because there is no other alternative, PKR is seen to be the only party that can bring a wave of change and has adapted to the current sentiment of young urbanite voters. That is the support they garner, it is the support of youth, of people who are desperate for change, and who feel any kind of change is better than the current situation. Lets forget whether these people are malay or non-malay, that's besides the point, and UMNO is still not getting the point!


  1. BN lost because of the Malays and UMNO should remember this. Being the vast majority only the Malays have the weight to turn the tide, where else contribution from the other races are merely incremental.

  2. BN is not lying. They do not know the truth. So we have to educate them. One of the ways is to humiliate them in the PP by-election