Stop imposing your values on me

"Malaysia's Islamists want Lavigne concert cancelled "

Read the article here and the final decision here

Malaysia cancels 'too sexy' Avril Lavigne concert

I can't believe Malaysia is being sidelined for countries like Phillippines, Thailand and Indonesia because we are being too narrow-minded! Indonesia is an Islamic country too am I right? Why then do we have different values from them? Is it because we are 'holier' and therefore 'better' than them? By not allowing 'western culture' to infiltrate us, our youths will remain pure and untainted? Hey, while we're at it, why not ban MTV and get Astro to pull all the entertainment channels off their list? That way we will remain "clean" and "uninfluenced".

I do not deny that every person has their right to practice their own religion, and if it is practiced out of purity of heart, then may they achieve a much higher ideal that they so deserve. However I cannot accept people imposing their values and beliefs on other people. Seeking to enlighten others is all well and good, but when they force it upon others, the opposite reaction happens and people retaliate. It is utterly ridiculous to say that concerts will corrupt teenager's minds and influence them in a bad way, therefore banning the concert is a solution.

If parents strongly believe that it is a bad influence, then they should exercise their authority over their own children and stop them from going. However, PAS youth should not try to 'mother' everyone, and impose their believes on us. We are independent people with freedom of choice and if I want to damn myself to hell by watching a concert, then so be it. Who is the ultimate judge at the end of the day? As long as my actions are not illegal, not of public concern and I am not a threat to the members of the public, then it should be left alone.

Also, do not forget that bringing in concerts will indirectly boost the economy as revenue will be pouring into the country for the companies involved in sponsoring the concert. We need these kinds of opportunities to promote ourselves at the international level.

My father voted of PAS on March 8th in the Titiwangsa constituency with a hope that PAS together with Pakatan Rakyat would bring about a change, therefore PAS should not forget that their main responsibility should be to work towards good governance and eradicate corruption not the banning of concerts. As for the Arts, Cultural and Heritage Minister, I expected nothing more from him.


  1. I was surprised that PAS protested against this kinda thing. It shows the lack of thought before executing this statement- obviously there are several camps in PAS- ranging from 'mainstream' to 'traditional' and this came from the 'traditional' camp.

  2. great minds think alike...thanks for dropping by my blog. those govt bargers are really stepping on thin ice. they better buck up or the people will retaliate big time. just a simple concert like avril's can become a big issue. but i was listening to the radio, and the concert promos and adverts were still on air. is the concert still on? there's no latest news.

  3. Hello.. read your comments in rainman's... so passing by for a "visit"

    On the Avril Lavigne thinggy... well, I am not surprised PAS protested. They are consistent. But my concern is pretty much BN's reply that it is not appropriate as it co-incides with Merdeka Celebrations... hmmmm... like Calvin says.. wear black... Merdeka now is time for mourning.. no more concert going folks.