DBKL is doing a bad job at maintaining roads

KL has one of the worst roads in the list of Asean cities I've been. Even the KL city centre is plagued with potholes and perpetual road digging which never ends. No need to talk about Wangsa Maju- lived here for 9 years and the road conditions have never improved. My car have fallen in ditches a couple of times, due to lack of proper work-in-progress signages and no cordoning of dug-up roads plus bad street lighting.

Hong Kong: Work-in-progress in Northpoint, HK. Properly codorned-

off for the night.


  1. road works in kuantan sux too, but not as bad as kl. not to mention the works done on karak highway. ive been using the highway for more than a decade, no improvement especially near the bentong toll. works had been ongoing for ages, and samy's pocket was so full, it overflowed. and we pay toll like drinking water....damn!!!

  2. Thanks for your comments Cavin. Looks like the whole Malaysia road conditions are like this. Nothing to be proud of. I just wonder what will be visiting tourists be thinking of when they visit Malaysia. Surely to leave an impact because road works tell how efficient the PWD is in any given country.