After Permatang Pauh: The crucial next 20 days

What's the significance of September 16? Here's a list of events that came out of my Google search:

-September 16, 1908- The start of General Motors, the car company.
-September 16, 1923- The birth of Lee Kuan Yew, founder of Singapore.
-September 16, 1956- The birth of David Copperfield, world-renowned illusionist.
-September 16, 1963- The formation of Malaysia from Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak.
-September 16, 2008- The date Anwar Ibrahim promises to form a new Malaysian government.
DSAI has won a tough battle by capturing the Permatang Pauh by-election today- I call it tough because it's a David vs Goliath fight against the BN election machinery. Even so, this August 26 by-election is viewed as walk-in-the-park for Anwar by many political analysts and bloggers alike- the BN 'machinery' was just fresh beaten to the pulp during the last March 2008 General Elections. Anwar, the accredited architect behind the huge Opposition win, was expected to win if he turun ke padang himself, bearing unforeseen circumstances. The Malaysian public know these 'unforeseen circumstances' very well- the results of elections in Malaysia have been proven vulnerable to postal votes and phantom voters' votes. A leading vote count could be washed away by the sudden appearance of the mysterious postal votes.
Above: Lee Kuan Yew-
the least worried guy.

But what happens in the next 20 days is even more crucial in the formation of Anwar's government. BN will go for broke in preventing Anwar's government formation. The sodomy case will intensify- I won't talk about it here- it is disgusting using religion (Quran swearing) as a political tool. What's the last triumph card? Racial riots of course. Incite racial riots, get people killed, get the Parliament suspended and the NOC takes over like in the year 1969. Why are there such conspiracy theories brewing in peoples' minds? Well, this country is run by thugs and crooks right, so anything can happen. After all the king of thugs who propagated the use of the Internal Security Act (ISA) also coined the term 'Malaysia Boleh'.

It wasn't too long ago (year 2006) that UMNO Youth openly supported road thugs Mat Rempit by planning to 'retrain' and convert them. Convert them into what?? Eyes and ears of the Government of course.
Left: Hallo bruder. KJ with a Mat Rempit. Photo courtesy of The Star.

"The ultimate goal of Putera Umno is to make Mat Rempit the eyes and ears of the police and to report on the activities of rogue Mat Rempit."- Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, the Putera Umno chief 2006.

These Mat Rempit guys will be most suitable candidates for creating unrest and disorder. If Anwar has the numbers, it is advisable these numbers turn up and get started to form a new government before September 16. Don't wait any longer because the worst shit hasn't come out yet. Time is passing by, Anwar; after all you have pulled a David Copperfield already.
Left: David Copperfield looking detached.


  1. Great take on the by-election aftermath. Agree with you that Anwar not wait another day later than the 16th September, otherwise he will lose his credibility. So much is at stake for him and he has gone this far to change the nation.
    Pak Lah must have regretted to let Anwar out from jail earlier than it should be as being short sighted, he didn't see what was coming at him. This is the problem when you have juveniles as advisers.

  2. Thanks for your comment Zawi!! On Pak Lah, the trouble with him is lack of vision and leadership- can't see or sense anything nearby ahead. He carried this deficiency from his early days in politics till the day he became PM. Hence the heavy reliance on 'advisers'. His advisers are not up to par as well- their lack of political and management maturity shows in their reckless manner of handling matters. Terukla. How to run a country like this.

  3. i would say pak lah is not stupid, but he only clever when those things bring him and his family benefits,
    he won't care about the citizen and country, all he care is about himself and his family. and of course, his power & wealth as well!

  4. Agreed.

    That's why it's important to exercise some self control when one is in position of power. Somehow, the public knows of his yacht, house in Perth, etc. It's over indulgence- you cant behave like a kid in a candy store even though the candy is given free. Also, that's corruption. Pak Lah should be investigated by the ACA once Anwar comes to power.

  5. yeah, but still we not sure if anwar is corrupting those BN mp for the 16 sept or not.

    but anyway, new leaders won't corrupt much when just get the power. it will be a good start

  6. Also there will be more check and balance in the country. I watch you, you watch me, etc not just a near 100% majority dictator keris-raising style. Latest developments are indicating there is hope against racism after all.