1 Care Malaysia; implication of shared contribution

The Minister of Health has finally come out to clarify the 10% of 1Care. It would have been better for the public had the minister attended the 1Care Health Forum held on 12th February at Global Business Park, No 8, Jalan 19/1 Petaling Jaya, when MOH officials did not turn up but 3 other speakers did. Those who attended the 12th February forum were given great insight by Dr Ng Sween Choon, Dr Jayabalan and Dr Xavier.


Liow: 1Care being manipulated to scare public
Hazlan Zakaria
2:09PM Feb 14, 2012
Certain parties are "manipulating" erroneous details of the proposed 1Care healthcare plan to frighten the public, said Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai."The matter has been manipulated to confuse the rakyat.

"The 10 percent (contribution from employees), for example, is being used to scare the people," he told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.
Liow explained that the total contribution would be from the government, the employer and the employees, and not a quantum solely to be borne by individual workers as alleged.

Liow reiterated that the proposed plan was still in the early stages and that details. as to who may contribute to the costs, were yet to be finalised.

  4 days earlier, the picture leaked to the public was a complete opposite.


1 Care not yet cast in stone, says Health D-G

February 10, 2012


The deputy director of the National Health Financing unit, Dr Rozita Halina Hussein, said yesterday 1 Care would have to be made mandatory, but that private healthcare providers would be given a choice on whether to participate in the new healthcare system that has seen stiff opposition from stakeholder groups.

A source however told The Malaysian Insider that the healthcare scheme is at a “very, very advanced” stage of planning and is not as preliminary as the Health Ministry has made it out to be.

An experienced 50 years old administration should never let such confusion reigned. Why is it so hard for BN administration to:

# publish the proposals, facts, justifications and explanation for the public to understand?

# invite public to air their comments and opinion - this is what democracy is all about

It is Badawi era flip flopping all over again.

The Minister has stated that it would be a joint contribution thing. As the ratios are not finalised/disclosed/made public, let's look at a couple of hypothetical scenarios, very much subject to the REAL ratios to be decided by the government before or after the GE.

Let's take Mr A as an example. He earns RM4,000 a month basic pay and can look forward to a 1 month bonus at the year end. 1 month bonus is about 8.3% of his basic pay, something the company's accountant budgeted for and approved by the big boss.

 If the government implement the following scenarios, in addition of Mr A losing either RM160 (4%), RM120(3%) or RM80 (2%) from his normal take home pay every month;

the employer will have to bear additional cost of RM1,440 (if 3%), RM1,920 (if 4%) or RM2,400 (if 5%)....something like the current employers' portion of EPF

Well the company's revenue won't go up in tandem with this sudden 1care money maker so the company accountant (please don't blame him or her) has to do the sensible thing - take the money out from bonus pool.

So, if you work for a company that pays bonus, there is still something on top of your monthly pay cheque for you. If you work for a company that can't afford bonus, well.............just hope the company top management absorb this cost and not play with your bonus. Then again, the company may have to raise prices to generate more revenue to pay for the additional employers' contribution.

Also, let's look at impact of REAL INCOME of the people since 1Malaysia PM is looking towards high income nation.

 The above probably explain itself.

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    written by resonance, February 15, 2012 17:09:06

    Manipulation? WTF is that? 10% of sub standard health service from our own hard earned salary is not manipulation. It's extortion.

    written by ck, February 15, 2012 09:43:02

    Pouring Money Into Sick Thieves' Pockets

    For decades, everything companies do some thieves took 10%. It was known as 'Mamak's Cut' or something like that. Part of that cost of business would certainly be paid for by way of lower salaries to workers. They are always the first to be taken advantage of.

    Now in addition to that, workers are told that another 10% will be cut from their salaries supposedly because those same thieves want to use their money to help take care of other workers' health...
    written by Vendetta, February 15, 2012 09:42:48

    The BN government is playing with fire by embarking on the path towards privatization of healthcare. This will culminate towards the escalation of healthcare costs in general. Just look at US, where healthcare have been privatized. It is costing the government 50% of its budget to sustain a proper healthcare system for its citizens. The US government is currently in a state of quagmire as it tries to balance its government expenditures. Ultimately, there will be so many stakeholders involved that it becomes a convuluted piece of mess that nobody can touch as all parties with vested interest will be resistance to change. LEARN FROM OTHER'S MISTAKES IS BETTER THAN TO LEARN IT THE HARD WAY......OUR OWN MISTAKE!