Response to a cybertrooper

I find this character who commented on my post “Melayu Boleh” warrants a blog post to respond, in addition to the numerous counter comments lambasting him/her.

Hang on, syd, don't expand your ego just yet. I am responding not because I think you are worth it but I just want to have an example how to skin a cybertrooper's worthless rambling.

syd on March 22, 2010 12:52 AM said...

unlike minorities in malaysia, malays dare not raise a voice in pap's singapore. In fact, many singapore malays actually earn a living in malaysia whilst maintaining their singapore citizenship, and some actually otained malaysian citizenship.

A typical cybertrooper statement : arguments without facts

Kickbacks in singapore's private sector is rampant. In govenrment owned companies, they renamed it as commission.

Another typical cybertrooper statement : Singapore is considered one of the least corrupt country in the world.

Read here

Competitiveness & Business Environment
o Singapore is ranked first for having the most open economy for international trade and investment

o Singapore is the world's easiest place to do business

Singapore is ranked the most competitive country in Asia - and is No. 3 worldwide

Singapore is the best business environment in Asia Pacific and worldwide.

Singapore is Asia's most "network ready" country.

o Singapore is ranked 4th in the world and 1st in Asia for having the least corruption in its economy.

Singapore is ranked the most transparent country in the world and Asia.

Singapore malays have no chance in singapore's education/employment system, especially now, with an emphasis in mandarin.

Didn't the speaker talk about making business with Chinese Muslims? If there is an enabling tool for Singapore Malay, some of them are willing to acquire it, what's wrong with that? Go read my Keluhan seorang Melayu Singapore and see what she was really complaining about. Perhaps, subconsciously, this fellow thinks it is "unmalay" to learn Chinese.
Heck, one of my Malay facebook friend recently told me his daughter is doing well in her mandarin studies and in my chinese school days, there are Malay students there picking up another language skill.

Go read "Notable Malays in this section here. There is a long long list of successful list of Singaporean Malays.

To make it worse, the PAP acquired all the kampung land to build HDB flats. So Singapore malays now have no land anymore. Chinatown areas are left untouched.

Another stupid UMNO Cybertrooper brainless argument, if you can call the statement that.

Singapore is not like rural Malaysia where land bank is huge in relation to density of population. HDB is to ensure affordable housing to all at affordable prices when land is scarce. Not many can afford to own land and scare land has to be carefully apportioned for dwelling and commercial purposes.

HDB townships are well planned and developed, with world class amenities and all facilities like public transportation, commercial centre, libraries, public park, community centres located within walking distance, bringing convenience and vibrant living together.

Look the HDB’s objective.

Providing Affordable, Quality Homes

HDB plans and develops public housing towns that provide Singaporeans with quality homes and living environments. In this effort, HDB engages in active research and development work to ensure that cost-effectiveness and quality standards are maintained and continually improved upon. (Read unlike Malaysian property prices which has to accommodate some cost inefficiency...but of course speculators here turn the thing around)

Ensuring Vibrant Towns
Even as HDB towns are provided with various commercial, recreational and social facilities and amenities for the convenience of residents, one of HDB’s key priorities is to ensure that they meet changing needs and circumstances. Through renewal and upgrading programmes, HDB brings new features, facilities and improvements to its older estates and towns to ensure their vibrancy and continued relevance. The latest rejuvenation programme is the ‘ Remaking Our Heartland’ Plan, a 20-30 year plan to transform HDB estates and towns into a world-class living environment.

Focusing on the Community
Another key priority of HDB is the building of cohesive communities within its towns. Living environments are provided with community spaces for residents to mingle and interact. Public housing policies and schemes are formulated not only to meet changing needs and aspirations, but they also support national objectives such as maintaining racial harmony and stronger family ties, and focus on the needs of elderly and those who may be in financial difficulty. In addition, with its network of branch offices, HDB ensures that it is well integrated in the daily lives of the community it serves.

Anyway, singapore is not multiracial, as 80& of the population are ethnic chinese, and this is set to grow with new citizenship granted to chinese from PRC and malaysia.
In america, negroes are refered to as niggers, and in singapore, malays are reffered to as muds.

What do you mean Singapore is "not multi-racial”? Singapore has Chinese, Malays, Eurasian, Indians citizens. Period. The word "nigger" is now considered bad taste in the U.S. and only used by those who share the mentality of those who utter "Pendatang" with glee and foam in their mouth. Wat's a matter? You birds share a network or something?

PRC Chinese can be different from Singapore Chinese in thoughts, values and action. I can even see some social gap between these group of people.

Only good thing for te malays in singapore is that, as they have not many avenues for employment, the govenrment gave them opportunities as custom/immigration and junior police officers. But the top defence and govenrment post are barred from these guys for fear of espionage

Espionage? For who? What fairytale is this? Is this fellow saying a Singapore Malay would sell defense secret to Malaysia and Indonesia? Excuse me? These nations are ASEAN members and what funny thoughts is in this fellow’s mind? My fertile imagination cannot get anywhere near his mindless rambling and sorry excuse making! Maybe I just share this with Singapore Malays and see what they think.
Please-lah, as I mentioned before elsewhere, if you want to insult, at least insult (our intelligence) properly.


  1. This is an UMNO Malay malady, a sickness which has been there for years.
    I have come across many cases of these UMNO Malays making statements based on purely emotions and prejudices.
    That's what Perkasa is doing. That's what UMNO is doing.

    They like grand names like Ketuanan Melayu proud to be a Mat Rempit.
    These people will never prosper. Let them rot and retrogress to the past.

  2. There are a few idiotic Malays (primary from Malaysia) who make insidious comments about Singapore without knowing the actual situation. The Country is based on merit, i.e., if you are good you rise, it is not based on skin color or race. We don't care what race you are, if you are academically qualified and perform well you rise through the ranks. Recently a Singapore Malay was promoted as a brigadier general. There are also many Malays who succeed by themselves, being doctors and lawyers and successful businessman. We are an open society attracting hopefully the very best brains. One can complain about meritocracy runs wild, not discrimination based on race or colour.

  3. Baseless arguments without any facts to back it up.
    Mindless rambling of a sick in the brain kind.

  4. Syd is an UmNo storm/cyber trooper paid to spread lies? But since he or she was hired under NEP, UmNo will never get anything for their money?

  5. IMO...
    The ONLY reason why Singapore is only successful today because Malaysia is not much of a competitor. They merely adopted proven ideals. by the book. if Malaysia were as competitive.. the fortunes will not have shifted there.

    All UNMO have to do is to cater for ignorant people like Syd, give half truths to why the way things are as it is today, build silly monuments like twin towers to mask how we are really doing economically because these things convenient and thus easy to understand. that is how they win. 'We are doing ok. u just hang back and relax'.

    it is important now that these people CHOOSE to see both views of the divide. hating and ridicule them into choosing to find out full truths will not work.

    However full truths are often labelled 'SENSITIVE' which is enough to be put away. thats where the root cause lies. If the Malay people will open up and act on criticism, if they can accept that sometimes they can be wrong, only then will there be hope for this country.

  6. One can be born stupid or useless but important he is willing to be better. The problem with these people are shameless plus useless and stupid. Tak malu is the biggest nightmare.

  7. Whoever wrote this are Real Nigger, Our Malays in Singapore live with their head high above those morons who looks like our malay and sound like our malays but are not malays.. It is not a Malays problem,, it is some racist morons who refuse to see the trees in the wood.. By Singaporean

  8. Dear commentators,

    your critiques are very very spot on

    bless you all for seeing throuhgt this nonsense rambling

  9. malais are nice people.only ummmmNo malais are facist, racist, bigots, trouble makers, the world rejects these low end group of apartheid makers. they r the only one of its worst kind left on this earth.look what they did to anwar. they can do to any malaisians the same. the f****ing malaisian just stood there and kept quiet. what the f***ing malaisia. think what kind of world u f****ing malaisian give to your generations.even the aussie, US n brits can't take it....


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