Remember this BN GE pledge, please

"BN will delay the GST Bill until after the next general elections to ensure we win big,” a BN MP told The Malaysian Insider on condition of anonymity."

BN delays GST until after next election

So folks, despite the sweats and sugar promises coming your way, they are gonna take back more than what they plan to take back......

I just wonder who is the BN MP that leak such information out. While I have been accustomed to BN's "create a problem and solve a problem brownie points" approach, this is refreshing, someone leaking out the gameplan.

Well not only amongst Pakatan ranks, there are also traitors amongst the BN ranks and they operate in a more low key manner


  1. Interesting eh... how they can be so direct and still get the kampong votes. And when GST results in inflation, the same folks who voted for BN will be the first to scream.

  2. that us why, JH, they have to defer it...but I wonder why they are so desperate that they have to consider it at the first place

  3. GST can also mean lower cost if the rate is lower than the present rate of sales and service tax and also the present list of goods and services is maintained. It can make the BN popular.

  4. anom, sorry, your comments does not add up.

    presently, not all goods and services are subject to service tax and sales tax. GST will hit other previously untouched area like property, banking services, groceries at supermarkets etc.

    if you think GST will make BN popular, then please by all means tell Najib not to defer GST...he already chicken out himself,for the moment, though

  5. ""Many people do not know that the GST is a multi-staged consumption tax, meaning that goods will be taxed 4% for each stage of its development, or taxed at least three times. The supplier sending goods to the manufacturer will be taxed 4%, the manufacturer will be taxed 4% when sending the goods to the retailer, and another 4% will be levied again at the point of purchase by the consumer.

    This means that by the time the good reaches the customer, the price would have gone up by 16% plus the markups to give the manufacturer and retailer their profits!"" (

    is it true??

  6. Wan2,

    it will result in cost increase but the direct relationship maybe not like 16%....

    but what will happen is that administration cost will increase - more paper work, and this also result on cashflow of companies being tied up - tax paid to gomen but can't collect from debtors...some companies might build buffer into their selling price to cover the need for additional cashflow