Striking fear into criminals- a Malaysia styled Fast and Furious movie

The article above appears in the NST (and a few other dailies) today. It's the 202nd Police Day the the PDRM's spanking new Mistubishi Evo 10 is on display on location in Pulapol. We know the intention of getting the Evos are for high-speed car chases on Malaysian roads where the standard Proton Waja patrol car is no match for criminals' higher powered cars. However I have a few questions in mind on these things:

1)Can't the PDRM set up roadblocks to stop criminals instead of chasing them at 300++ kph on the highways. What happened to the usual modus-operandi of barricading the highway at toll stops, etc and line-up their PDRM trigger-happy balaclava-clad personnel for a happy shooting spree.

2)Will there be collateral damage if the high-speed chases take place on Malaysia's trunk roads ie kampong roads. What about the kids playing by road-sides and the motocylists without helmets in those kampong areas near the trunk roads.

3)Will this prompt the criminals to get even higher powered cars to match the PDRM Evos? Me thinks the PDRM Evos will only strike fear into innocent existing Subaru, Evo and other mod-car owners because of the increased likely hood of getting their cars stolen.

4)Who are PDRM trying to emulate?

Above: Pics from around the blogs- a closer look at the PDRM Evo.


  1. my other question

    1) who is the supplier of the vehicles?
    2) how is the maintenance contract of these vehicles being drafted, maintained and administered?
    3) what would happen to the existing police vehicles?
    4) has the PDRM set specific targets of improvement (i.e. KPI) to justify a return on investment of these vehicles

    the most basic solution is not what kind of cars to use. even Feraries as police cars would not solve the problems of police slow in taking down reports or slow in showing up scene of crime; or in both cases, do not show up at all

    a IPCMC with powers to punish errand officers, or a kick in the butt, would speed things up.

  2. and another "endorsement" for the reputation of Proton cars. :-)

    First Mercedes for DUN Terengganu, Camry for Perak & even PDRM is joining in the list.

  3. Bye-bye Proton. Now's karma time for them. I remember Proton being my first car- and they were such arrogant pricks right from the sales to the supply chain. There's a limit on how much customers can stomach on bad quality plus arrogance.

  4. arrogant prick Proton? I have stories of my own....