Break-in at Wangsa Maju school

WANGSA MAJU KUALA LUMPUR , March 17- 3 foreigners broke into the compound of SJKC Mun Yee at Taman Teratai early Tuesday morning. After overpowering the sole security guard, the suspects made their way to the first floor of the school's administrative block and forced entry into the school staff room by shattering its glass window with a fire extinguisher. The suspects escaped with a microwave oven. No one was hurt.

By afternoon it was reported that the police had not yet made their way to the crime scene.

1 comment:

  1. stupid thief, go and rob the right people-lah! haven't you read about Robin Hood? Maybe we should be teaching Maths and Science in English after all

    and the non-reaction of the police would simply encourage more thieves but notice how fast PDRM would react whenever citizens cometh forth to assert their civil rights?