Brace ourselves for more rhetoric?

When Prime Minister Najib (he will be when you read this sooner than later) announced that he wants to do away / amend or whatever about the quota system for UMNO election, my first impression was good, great, bravo, a step towards greater democracy in UMNO.

Then I thought about 1 potential impact.

Race-base rhetoric or gestures have always been a tried, tested and successful rallying call for aspiring UMNO politicians climbing up the ladder. People progressing through UMNO Youth ranks would try to out perform each other in showmanship then toned down (or "mature") when they reach national level leadership. Cue: Najib circa 1987 and now.

With doing away the quota system, more candidates will have the opportunity to present themselves as an alternative for UMNO members to cast their votes. Will there be more such antics? Will we see more keris-waving, "them and us" remarks etc?

I hope the top echelons in UMNO can lay down a set of rules for do and don't in party election. Their stance in taking action against certain candidates shows some will in reform. By having some house rules, it can help to promote intelligent & substance over form type of contest amongst its candidates.

By the same token, MCA will face more pressure if there is much such gestures and antics.

I am not against positive racism. It is fine to promote the virtues of your own race by emphasizing or advertising the strength of your race (or country for that matter). However, promoting your own race (or your country for that matter) by talking down on other people would not be constructive at all.

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