A little Summary

Since March 08, I can remember

1) a little walking and shouting outside Komtar

2) a little gathering and shouting about pigs in Selangor

3) a "squatter conscious" individual and his merry making friends

4) a much bandied about relocation exercise scheduled in the middle of September

5) a much touted 50 person study tour that hitherto, we know nothing about what they learned

6) a respected, tough and hardworking single lady was given a mandatory rest of a fortnight and given plenty of eggs as supplements

7) some re-matches of a certain popularity contest, although the participants are less inclusive than the last big 1 in March

8) some complicated exercise of changing class monitor that involves changing minds of a few, a tree and a few very important people

9) over-pitching of some pictures which compared to what I can get from the internet and that hamsap bookstore, is nothing and I once heard a little boy describing that's what his grandparents, parents and uncles & aunties do anyway.

10) some stubborn member today is given the liberty to play truant for a year while his dad is being hustled to see whether he belongs to the Big House or not

11) what else?????

all I have to say is .....

I hope there is political maturity and respect for common sense when it comes to political gamesmanship in this country.

In vying for power, please respect the basic foundation on which it is built, i.e. confidence and trust of the people on the capability of the political parties who offer to serve and lead.

There should be no place in the voters’ heart for political leadership who thrives and depends on any other means.

The colonists left a bad taste in our mouth but 1 good thing they did left behind was a system and a culture of law and that has set us apart from Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. Is there any patriot would want to give up our advantage?

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